Securus Technologies Is Putting The Smack Down

Securus Technologies is one of the leading communications companies that works in corrections agencies. They are a company that helps when it comes to emergency response, incident management, investigation, and biometrics analysis. Securus Technologies uses their products to help make prisons and other correctional facilities more safe.


Recently Securus Technologies was able to release their Investigator Pro TM 4.0. This is software that is completely state-of-the-art. Communications can be a big issue when it comes with inmates. It can be very difficult to track every single phone call that an inmate makes while in the correctional facility. It is very possible that there is gang related activity that may be going on within the prison, or there may be gang activity with other individuals that are outside of the prison as well


Securus Technologies has been able to release their investigator Pro 4.0 this is the first software in its class. It has helped correctional facilities to be able to investigate and select an inmate and recall their voice. With this technology they can do a search for an inmate’s voice over the phone. This is technology that makes it simple to take a sample of an inmate’s voice and use that sample to search for all other calls with that same voice that was used. This is technology that can also help uncover different crime related activities, and it can identify the voices of both parties on the phone calls.


This new Investigator Pro feature makes it possible to follow individual voices in a way that never has been seen before. Now, staff at correctional facilities will know what inmates are talking about, if the person that they are talking with was ever incarcerated before, and if any crime is being planned. This feature along with other technological features released by Securus Technologies is making correctional facilities more safe.


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  1. Being a top company that others are to emulate from is a tough and a demanding task requiring only the qualify. No wonder Securus are trying to play down the accusations and write essay that are simple and clear for everyone to be informed about this issue that has spread to this time. And I hope this will not be another GT and Innoson and EFFC

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