Staying Connected with Video Visitation

Being separated for the holidays can be hard. This is especially true if a family member is away in a corrections facility. When there are strict restrictions on when and where visitation can occur, a lot of stress and frustration can be added to an already stressful time of year. Securus Technologies is a technology company and they have created video visitation software that allows families to be together more often with more flexibility.


Video visitation from Securus Technologies can be used by anyone who has an internet connection and a computer or mobile device. It works like any other video chat but allows inmates to connect with their families on the outside. With technology such as this, holidays can be a little brighter.


Fathers can now be there on Christmas morning to see the children open all of their gifts. Mothers can be there when the family sits down for the holiday meal. With the help of video visitation, families can be together for the holiday and stay connected in a way that they never could before.


The days of long drives and short visits are no more. These trips were often expensive with gas and food stops and the visits ended up being for short periods of time. Families were not able to be together as long as they wanted and the costs added up quick. With video visitation, families can now connect more often, even daily. The costs associated are minimal and the benefits are great.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas. They create technology for over 3,450 law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities all over North America. Their technologies also serve over 1,200,000 inmates over the same area. Securus Technologies takes pride in their work and they spend the necessary time to create technology that will benefit the agencies and the inmates associated.


Video visitation is just one of the technologies that are offered by Securus Technologies. This technology is highly beneficial for families all over the country as they can communicate with family on a regular basis and stay involved in a positive way. Technology such as this has been well received and has become more and more popular with inmates and their families.


Meet Adam Goldenberg, the CEO Who Uses Tech to Sell Fashion

If you do not know the name Adam Goldenberg by now, then you have an idea of the brains behind the rising franchise JustFab. Built in LA recently named him as one of the top 3 LA CEOs you should have on speed dial. And CNBC was recently wowed by his ingenious approach in marketing his cloth line.

Interview with CNBC

Adam is the co-owner of JustFab alongside his campus friend and long-time business partner Don Ressler. In his interview with CNBC, Mr. Goldenberg officially announced that JustFab was rebranding and will now be known as TechStyle Fashion Company. This new name, as Adam commented, is in line with his company’s vision of tapping into the future of fashion through technology.

TechStyle is one of the few companies, and probably the market leader that leverages on tech to build their brand. They have an online VIP membership with over 1 million subscribers for their fashion line. This immense success doesn’t come as a surprise given Adam and his co-CEO are always in the spirit of winning.

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Adam’s entrepreneurial journey

Built in LA chronicles his rise into the fashion industry as an ambitious Techpreneur from the Silicon Valley. Before venturing into the fashion apparels, Adam Goldenberg’s first venture was a gaming company, Network Gamers Alliance, which enjoyed 2 years of success before he sold it to Intermix Media. He later launched a second company, Intelligent Beauty, which was a pilot incubator that not only sold health products but also researched the various gaps in the beauty and fashion industry.

It is from these giant leaps that JustFab, now TechStyle, was found, tapping into a pre-existing market that rival companies had often overlooked. TechStyle’s biggest strength is leveraging on the internet to push their products closer to the consumer. Most of the brand campaigns are launched online with a flexible membership program that benefits the client the more they buy.

TechStyle the future of fashion

Today TechStyle enjoys its break even, being able to fund most of their project without heavy reliance on angel investments. But raising funds is worth mentioning in Adam Goldenberg’s story, him and his business partner managed to raise over $55 million which they used to launch JustFab. TechStyle’s celebrity status membership is currently enjoyed in several states in the US, and over 5 countries worldwide.

How they win is quite simple; through technology they listen to customer feedback and make amends with the information they gather. This way, they are able to make projections on the future of fashion and avoid obsolete inventories by producing only what their millions of subscribers want.

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Doe Deere Helps Others To Express Themselves

Decisions that are made based off of inspiration are normally the best ones. At least, that’s how it works for the successful makeup star named Doe Deere. Deere has long been known in the field of makeup as a leader. That’s because she’s always taking chances and always doing big things. In a recent interview, Deere mentioned that inspiration is her guiding force. She can sometimes go months without coming up with a new product. That’s because she doesn’t just want to mass produce and churn out products to make a profit. She actually wants to create makeup products that people will need and use.


Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the successful company Lime Crime. Lime Crime specializes in variety. They sell lipsticks, eye shadows, eyeliners, hair chalk, glitter, and more. The best part is that they have a whole array of colors available. Doe Deere understands that people like to be unique when it comes to their look. Not everyone wants to wear the same standard black eyeliner and pink lipstick. That’s why Deere made a whole line of bright and fun colors. She wants boys and girls to be magical.


Deere is quite the entrepreneur. From the very beginning, she worked hard to move her way up in society. She had a string of odd jobs but they never quite fit. She always knew she was destined to do something bigger and better. That’s how she found herself as the founder of a makeup company. Deere now likes to inspire others. She’s a firm believer that everyone can do what they set their mind too. She likes inspiring and lifting up other women. She wants them to know that if they have a dream they can make it become a reality just like she did. Deere never had it easy. She had to struggle through the hardships and the naysayers that said she couldn’t do it. She proved everyone wrong and now she’s making a difference in the lives of people every day.


Deere is showing people that it’s okay to be different and it’s okay to embrace the magic inside. With her makeup, they can completely transform themselves into the person they’re meant to be. Deere’s makeup is literally for everyone. It’s to make men and women feel special no matter what the occasion is. Overall, Deere just wants everyone to be able to express themselves however they want.

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