Dr. Avi Weisfogel Rocks Sleep Medicine to its Core

Dr. Avi Weisfogel was always an overachiever. After graduating from New York University’s dental school, he founded his own practice in 1999. But he wasn’t merely content with practicing dentistry. While he excelled at oral medicine, he continued to work slavish hours after closing time, dedicating his life to researching new ways to combat old diseases. Over time, he came upon the insight that many terrible diseases that were going undiagnosed were uniquely identifiable by dentists. These mostly consisted of diseases of the head, neck and mouth area. As was all-too-often the unfortunate case, patients who cared greatly about their smile were far less excited about going to see their physicians for yearly checkups. Thus, a patient who saw a dentist once per year may only have seen his physician once per decade.

This put dentists in a singularly favorable position to catch diseases early on, when they have the greatest chance of being cured. After exhaustive research, Dr. Weisfogel concluded that the disease that was being most improperly diagnosed was sleep apnea. This was an exciting finding because it turns out that the etiology of this disease often times lies with structural abnormalities of the mouth, creating a rich opportunity for dentists to identify and diagnose patients in its early throws.

Armed with his accumulated knowledge and insights, Weisfogel set off to revolutionize the treatment of sleep medicine. He founded Dental Sleep Masters, a company dedicated to educating dentists on and creating protocols for the treatment of sleep apnea patients in the context of dental practices. This ground-breaking work proved almost instantly successful, with some dentists having so much success in their treatment programs for sleep apnea that they abandoned dentistry altogether for the boundless lucre of sleep medicine. Avi Weisfogel had created a new paradigm.

Over the last five years, Dental Sleep Masters has continued the fight against the insidious killer that so often strikes without warning. Sleep apnea is a major cause of mortality and morbidity, being tightly associated with serious health conditions including heart attack, stroke, dilated cardiomyopathy, obesity and even motor vehicle accidents. Through his revolutionary work, Dr. Weisfogel has saved lives and improved outcomes the nation over.



The Sunny Plumber – A 30 Year Tradition of Excellent Service

The Sunny Plumber is a Tucson-based company with locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California. It offers a vast array of residential and commercial services, including drain repair, water heater repair and water treatments. The Sunny Plumber is determined to always be there when its customers need them. They offer emergency services 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Each plumbing technician is fully trained and must pass a thorough background check and drug screen before hire.

The Sunny Plumber formed in 2013, when owner Kenneth Goodrich purchased and renamed Phoenix-based Rescue Rooter, a company that had been in business for over 30 years. Goodrich decided to change Rescue Rooter’s name to The Sunny Plumber in order to emphasize his friendly, customer service-oriented approach. His company’s success has enabled it to expand across the region. Today it has locations in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Corona.

The Sunny Plumber offers their customers the Sunshine Club Maintenance Plan, which features special services and discounts. For a flat monthly fee, customers receive a comprehensive annual flood inspection, which includes drain clearing, sewer line inspection, garbage disposal examination and much more. The maintenance plan helps ensure that homes and businesses will remain free of major plumbing issues.

Each employee at The Sunny Plumber takes great pride in the overwhelmingly positive feedback that the company has received. The official website features an extensive list of complimentary notes from their customers.

Countless customers in Arizona and beyond trust The Sunny Plumber to handle all of their plumbing needs. Their friendly staff is always eager to show new clients what they have to offer. The company can be contacted online or by calling 602-761-7928.

Construcap Leading the Way in Brazil’s Real Estate Sector

Construcap has its roots in the building and energy sectors of the Brazilian economy. Construcap is not a monopoly in this sector, but it is the quality of services that has kept our customer review on the up and up. All our operations run through the established integrated management system (IMS). Being an ISO registered firm on lovemondays.com.br, we employ safety management system, energy management system, environmental management system and other management systems composite of IMS to guarantee quality and synergy in our operations.


We serve many sectors of the Brazilian economy. The commercial markets on empregocerto.uol.com.br rely on some of the services we have to offer. At the same time the construction industry is not left behind in the utilization of the services offered. In the industrial and construction sector, some of the services we offer include: civil engineering, structured projects, electro mechanic assembly and building and design.

Our Subsidiaries

As a part of growth, we have many small businesses affiliated to us. One of our most successful affiliate is InovaSaude. Through this affiliate, we have received a contract to construct health facilities on autodoc.com.br in the Sao Paulo, Brazil. The clinics will be in San Jose Campos, Sao Paulo and Sorocaba. This affiliate will not only construct the clinics, but also purchase all necessary hospital equipment and supply the three clinics. All non-medical related services, according to the contract, will be managed by InovaSaude for the next seventeen years. See: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Construcap

Opportunities for Undergrads

As a company, we take in interns interested in acquiring a practical touch of the theory taught in school. Construcap is interested in those students who are either in university or those who have just completed their undergraduate studies. This training hopes to acquaint new students with the basics of our company and its operations. Additionally, students acquire career developing knowledge. While interning at Construcap, students are each given a mentor to assist them during the period of their internship.


At Construcap, we are aware that a good number of our site employees are not literate. In order to combat this illiteracy, we have a training program to equip our employees with the basics of education: reading and writing. Apart from these literacy classes, we also run a leadership training program.

Will Automatic Cars Be Coming To Williamson County Soon?

Automatic cars have become big news and they are still somewhat controversial. While the potential upside of these cars is huge, they don’t seem to be quite at the best operating level. To address these needs, the Mobile Authority of Williamson and Travis Counties met to discuss how best to implement these changes in the future.



Who Are The Mobile Authority?

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a group that was started in 2002 to help manage transportation systems in various counties. They are an completely independent group that works as an advisory board and investigatory group to help find solutions for difficult traffic situations in the state.


Since their formation, they have been led by Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein. He works with the board of specialized traffic directors to find innovative solutions and unique ways of implementing them that will not only improve the traffic situation, but which won’t cost tax payers excessive amounts of money. The idea is to decrease congestion while increasing traffic efficiency.


Their ideas have helped create a smoother and easier-to-drive traffic situation throughout the counties it serves. It has operated as a well-respected and frequently consulted group that not only offers expert advice, but which can issue revenue bonds to help fund projects.



What Is Their New Plan?

During their discussion, which included Heiligenstein and various transportation providers (such as Joseph Kopser of RideScout and Leandre Johns of Uber), focused on the ways that automatic transportation could be integrated in Williamson County. They were heavily focused on new technology and the way it could be used to better traffic in the area.


They were very intrigued by concepts as diverse as driverless vehicles and ridesharing concepts. They believed that they could transform Williamson County traffic and make it even less problematic. However, Heiligenstein was firm in the idea that Austin needed to improve their infrastructure first, stating that:


“Williamson has done such an amazing job of structuring its infrastructure over the past 15 years or so. Try expanding those capacities. It’s getting to a point where, the corridors we have remaining, we need to make them smarter, more efficient and more technically advanced.”


Another interesting point was the practicality of implementing these designs currently without first changing building codes to suit them. For example, Round Rock Mayor Alan McGraw had this to say about automatic vehicle:


“The parking garage of the future, its levels will only be five feet tall, an inch taller than the car itself. It will have multiple levels, with charging stations on one level and a service station on another. That doesn’t fit into any current building code does it?”


Clearly there needs to be some work done before automatic cars will make their way to Williamson. However, with the Mobile Authority working hard to implement them, it shouldn’t be too long before big changes are made.

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