How Hard Work Paid Off for EOS

EOS lip balm is a product that you might own, like many other women. After all, it is now the second top-selling lip balm on the market, beating Chapstick, the lip balm champ for more than 100 years. It’s quiet amazing to hear the EOS story, and how they quickly changed the beauty care industry, but it’s an inspiring story that can help you learn anything is possible when you strive for success.

EOS is short for Evolution of Smooth. This company began selling their lip balm just seven years ago, after getting their start at a Walgreens pharmacy, followed by Walmart , then Target. The brand had big dreams, and great concepts, and when those were put together, the cool, trendy, and awesome lip balm improved until it became a common household product.

EOS listened to the people. Chapstick hadn’t made any changes in the 100-years they’d been around, and frankly, women were tired of the limited choices and the boring balm. Women wanted a lip balm that was free of harmful ingredients and toxins, because Chapstick failed them in this department, too. And, they wanted flavors and trend; a product that would enhance their cool.

EOS designed an orb contained of flavorful lip balm that impressed women. The balm is made with natural ingredients, so it is parabens-free. And, you’ll get your choice of eight different fun flavors, like Vanilla Bean or Pomegranate Raspberry. Best of all, EOS lip balms deliver the smoothness that you want from your lip balm, at a cost that won’t send you into shock.

EOS changed the lip balm world for the better. They made great strides in the beauty care world by listening to customers, and creating the product they wanted. And, so quickly that technique paid off for the brand.

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