MB2 Dental Solutions: Dr. Chris Villanueva’s Solution For Dentists

Founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, MB2 Dental Solutions is a medical practice for dentists by dentists. MB2 Dental Solutions was established for the sole purpose of offering dentists a way to practice what they love without having to do all the other jobs of running a clinic, the company. When Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva passed out of dental school, he was faced with a situation that most medical practitioners are faced with. The idea of having one’s practice is something that a lot of doctors aim for, but few end up doing it because of all the extra work that a dentist has to do. Running one’s clinic means taking care of literally everything at the clinic, which is why a few doctors opt to go for the different approach and work at big corporations or hospitals. However, the larger the company, the more money minded they end up being, and hence the focus of these kinds of organizations shifts from treating patients efficiently, to earning more money.


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to have the best of both worlds. But with very few options out there for him to pick and be satisfied with, he decided it was time to take matters into his hands. He, therefore, decided to establish an organization that took care of all the tasks at the private clinic, while the dentists tend to his or her patients. MB2 Dental Solutions was received extremely well by the dental field, with numerous doctors yearning to be part of such a revolutionary company.


With a set goal in mind, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva set up two schemes which dentists all over the country could opt for. The first one entailed dentists joining MB2 Dental Solutions at any of the clinics that they organization has. This is especially useful for doctors who are just passing out of med school and are looking for a good place to set up a successful practice. The second option is for people who already have their practice, but want to develop it further. This gives them the opportunity to tie up with MB2, allowing them to take charge of the administrative side of the practice. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva’s primary goal was to give doctors all over a solution and have MB2 appeal to everyone, no matter if they are new to the profession, or have been in this for an extended period of time.





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