How Vijay Eswaran Defies the Conventions of Success

A man is a social being and cannot live well in isolation. Living on an island is an almost impossibility since his activities are directly linked to those of others.

Hence, he forms networks and meaningful relationships to make his life worthwhile. Vijay Eswaran is a living testimony of the power of networking.

It is on rare occasions you hear the story of a cab driver who has climbed the ladder to be a multi-millionaire. Well, that’s Vijay Eswaran’s incredible story. Is this even possible? To Vijay, impossibilities never barred his way.

What could be his secret? Eswaran utilized the distinct approach of network marketing, which paid off and also benefited thousands of MLM businesses. As is that is not enough, many others have profited from his ceaseless philanthropic undertakings.

Vijay Eswaran’s life and success story have not been a walk in the park. For starters, he had to break the deadlock of beliefs instilled in him in his childhood that financial security was for the corporate sector. Therefore, he strove tooth and nail to get the best education for the sake of fitting in this coveted corporate world. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group of Companies

Luckily, while still in pursuit of the white collar job, Vijay was introduced to network marketing. Surprisingly, it ended up producing more than his normal job could offer. Despite taking him long to abandon the idea of seeking a 9-to-5 job, he eventually focused on his MLM work because it seemed to serve his interests better.

To ensure even greater achievements through network marketing, Vijay Eswaran started his own MLM firm. Moreover, he developed a team that had complete trust and believe in his efforts.

He had their interests at heart, and he worked towards securing their financial futures while boosting his earnings as well. Although challenging, he was triumphant and brought forth an inspiring network marketing corporation aimed at improving people’s lives. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

Vijay Eswaran confesses that success in his industry is locked in giving back to all parties of the society including employees. Having a clear plan, strategy and vision for his enterprise in addition to his consideration for others have made him stand out.

More often than not, people quit amid challenges faced on their journey to success. However, Vijay did not, and he persevered until he saw the fruits of his work. Vijay Eswaran advises MLM marketers to change their view of things and combine that with the hunger for success in order to attain remarkable achievements.

Achievements of Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures

Scott M. Rocklage a managing partner of 5AM Ventures. Why 5AM? The company got this name because it is involved in activities of helping business at their early stages. 5AM Ventures is precisely involved in the business of company formation.

Scott joined 5AM in 2003 as a venture partner but within a year he had grown to the position of a managing partner. Scott Rocklage is a holder of a degree in Chemistry from the University of California. Scott Rocklage has over 20 years of experience serving in the healthcare department. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase and Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

He has served in various leadership positions while in this field. One of this major achievement was the approval of three drug application by the Food and Drugs Agency (FDA). These drugs are Teslascan®, Omniscan™, and Cubicin®). He has also had 6 other drugs undergone the clinical trials.

Scott Rocklage has been the CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals as well as the President of Nycomed Salutar. Other positions he has held are CEO of Nycomed Interventional and R&D position at Catalytica. Scott currently serves at the Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus as the Board chairman. He also serves on the board of WaveRx.

At some point in his career, he worked as the Executive Chairman of llypsa, now known as Amgen and also MIIkana, now known as EntreMed. It’s therefore clear that Scott Rocklage has had a very successful career working at esteemed positions for some of the big players in the healthcare industry.

Scott Rocklage spends most of his time doing research in the field of life science and working with company’s portfolio management teams. He also spends time attending board meeting, since he has a long list of organizations where he is an ordinary board member if not the chairman. Scott explains that his work is to find solutions to medical needs.

He, therefore, works with physicians, scientists and business leaders to help get these solutions. Scott Rocklage prides himself in making great progress in the creation of a cancer treatment methodology that has the capability of extending patients’ lives considerably. He says that his focus still remains in this area of research and hope to make further improvements.

Contributions of OSI Group to the food industry

OSI Group is one of the most prestigious firms in the food and beverage industry. The firm has a great management team and aims at expanding its operations in the coming years. The company was established in 1909 and has over two thousand employees. OSI Group operates in a vast number of countries and has launched many ventures since its establishment. Its primary growth has been experienced in China with a full coverage of most of the Chinese state, and due to its impeccable customer service skills, the firm has attracted a vast number of clients.

The firm puts a lot of emphasis on the culture of their local customers to ensure that they offer them with best products that go hand in hand with their customs. Besides, they value their customers profoundly work towards providing them with the best meat products to suit their tastes and preferences. OSI Group is also developing a stronger and convenient supply chain which will enable it to serve a larger number of customers faster.

The firm also puts a high consideration into the health of their clients and employees safe measures while manufacturing products to avoid contaminating them. Besides, they recently purchased new equipment to carry out their activities and those to use in the production of the various meat products to prevent corrupt products from interfering with the flesh. The highly technologized equipment also play a huge role in detecting random products, objects, and germs present in their food to eliminate them and prevent the products consumers from contracting diseases.

In addition to that, the company also encourages its employees to observe high levels of cleanliness so as to avoid food poisoning that occurs as a result of germs. Due to the firm`s specialization in food beverages, it also puts a lot of attention in maintaining a hygienic environment. They act towards carrying out measures that cause less pollution to the environment and work towards carting out their activities in such places to avoid contaminating their food products. They have also received a broad range of awards as an amendment of their impeccable services.

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The Living Dream of Young Business Mogul Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonThe Living Dream of Young Business Mogul Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is a young business lady serving as a proprietor for the Jackson Family Wines. From growing up in the wine business, Julia developed an interest in wine young age. After completing her Bachelor’s degree from Scripps College, she attended Stanford Graduate School of Business for a short business course in general management. Julia joined the family business after college, taking up some operations at the company based in Geyserville.Julia is actively involved in the company’s global outreach in several countries like France. A combo of her passion for traveling and wine broadened the countries ventures in other nations. Aside from the day to day operations of the company Julia works with a charitable organization, Seeds of empowerment, that supports women and provides a forum where people could are various challenges in life and through these stories could empower other people. The Seeds of empowerment organization is under the management of Cambria, a brand also produced by the Jackson Family Wine.

Julia Jackson has recently been hitting the headlines in the company of A-list celebrities like Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey. She is in many photos with many celebrities at galas and several events. She continues to form stable relationships with celebrities who may be beneficial for future engagements for the business With Julia at the head oJulia Jacksonf her family’s strong reputation; she has earned a name sitting at the head with prominent celebrities including the British Royal Family. Julia Jackson is a consistent asset to the business, spending most of her time in Napa and Los Angeles where she features in many events and charities where she well represents her family wine brands. At a past pre-Oscar dinner she endorsed the guest with a special trip to Napa winery and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc wine exquisite wine brand from Jackson Family Wines.

The Many Successes of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan moved from Colombia to New York in order to chase his dreams of becoming an elite designer. Mishaan would establish his company, Richard Mishaan Design, almost 25 years ago and since then everything has been on the rise. New York’s design scene is filled with One Percenters who want to have it all and need someone who can showcase it all. Richard Mishaan Design specializes in giving their clients exactly what they want, but with a twist and a flair for the unique and creative.

Richard Mishaan Design has worked on a great many different projects throughout New York. In 2010 they were chosen to renovate the suites located inside of the St. Regis. Mishaan himself has been at the forefront of this innovation, always leading by example and willing his company to success. Richard Mishaan is a candid and charismatic leader who wears his talents on his sleeves and his inspiration on the tip of his tongue. Due to this personality, Richard Mishaan Design has quickly gained traction as one of the leading designers for the upper crust.

If you want to get a taste of Richard Mishaan Design’s work in its completely natural habitat then you should head to Bogota. Richard Mishaan wanted to do a project that was unique to his background but he wanted to do it in order to show off what makes his company great. In Bogota there is a home located off of the Caribbean Sea called the Cartagena Home. This old world home was designed by Mishaan to utilize all of the antique charm of his home, dating back to the 16th century, while wonderfully mixing in a taste of the modern. The home is beautiful, textured, and elaborate in design. The Cartagena House is just another testament to the work of Richard Mishaan.


Beneful Commercials Dogs Speak Up

Conversations by dogs are the running theme in Beneful brand dog food commercials. When questioned about their favorite characteristics of the food they enjoy eating, dogs reply with quirky and fun responses. The owners discuss the features of the dry dog food that entices them to purchase and feed it to their dogs. One of the most prevalently loved features is that meat is the number one ingredient in all of the Beneful’s dog foods. Whether dogs owners are feeding them the Beneful originals product line or the Beneful healthy weight line, beef and chicken are always the number one ingredient. The dogs absolutely love this and gobble up their meals. Some dogs even try to stick their heads in the kibble bags while their owners are filling their bowls. The all natural ingredients that comprise Beneful dog food give dogs like Einstein and Riley the energy they need to maintain their happy, healthy and active life styles. Einstein loves jumping and chasing birds and his owner Becky says that she notices an increase in the amount of energy that Einstein has after eating his beefy Beneful originals dry dog food. The dogs are just happy that they are getting the essential vitamins and nutrients that their body’s need and that the flavor and quality is never sacrificed. Riley’s mom loves that his healthy weight food has fewer calories but is just as filling and healthy as the originals formula. Beneful dog food is full of goodness dogs love.


JHSF’s CEO José Auriemo Neto Gives the Company a New Face

The name José Auriemo Neto has been a part of the biggest real estate company in Brazil, the JHSF. He saw an opportunity where others were afraid to tread and never gave up until the eighty thousand square meter lot at the edge of Marginal Pinheiros became a home to the largest real estate complex in the country. Named the Parque Cidade Jardim, the complex is home to 180 stores, nine living towers, offices, apartments, and hotel Fasano. His motivation saw him assume the role of Chief Executive Officer from his father back in the year 2003.

Mr. Auriemo’s engineering education at the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in Sao Paulo wasn’t in vain even though he dropped before he could finish. Over the years, he has transformed the JHSF and realized tremendous achievement in the luxury provision to high-end clients. He has driven JHSF to venture more into managing and developing high-end shopping malls, hotels as well as the executive airport business. This is no surprise as Mr. Auriemo showed early potentials of becoming the greatest investor at a very young age. At only 17 years of age, he had his small network of parking lots. Click here to know more.

As the head of JHSF, which is apparently the biggest real estate company headquartered in Sao Paulo, Mr. Auriemo’s focus doesn’t only cater for a prestigious lot of clients, but the middle class as well. The shopping complexes, Santa Cruz, Metro Tucuruvi and Bela Vista in Salvador that is JHSF’s brands offer the best services and products for both locals and international individuals as well. This, and the many ventures in the world of residential and commercial developments, are the reasons why the company’s growth is unstoppable.

The JHSF is Brazil’s highest income earner in the real estate sector and is solely hell-bent on being the pioneer, innovative and the provider of sustainable solutions to projects tailored towards success in the realm shopping malls, executive airports, and high-end hotels. Its growth since its expansion has extended from Sao Paulo to other cities like Manaus and Salvador. Furthermore, through its shopping center, incorporation, airport, and Fasano Hotel & Restaurant units, JHSF has ventured internationally to Miami and New York in the USA and Punta del Este in Uruguay.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Give Immigrants a Chance

In a world that is dominated by hate for other races and an unacceptance of immigrants who are coming into the country, it is important that everyone do everything that they can to make things better for these people.

Groups that are set up as organizations and that are working to make things better for them are really the only hope that people have for the things that are going on and for the experiences that people have in different situations.

This is something that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know a lot about and something they have been doing with their own organization. They know that it will help people no matter what is going on or what they are doing for people to try different things in the area with them.

This is something that has allowed Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey the chance to make things better and to grow the organization that they have.

The larger that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey make Frontera Fund, the better it will be for the people who they are trying to help. They want to make it the biggest civil rights organization in the United States so that they can help more people.

They are hoping that they will be able to continue to grow it and they know that things are looking good because so many people are interested in helping out with the issues that are going on in the country that they are a part of.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey know that this will make things better and that people will be able to get more out of the situations that they are in. It is something that the men are confident in and something that has given them a chance at a real good start.

They want to show people what they can get from the Frontera Fund and they want to make sure that things will get better for all of the people who they work with. This has shown people the chances that they need and has given them all of the options that they will be able to have in different situations.

All of this has given everyone who uses Frontera Fund the chance to see that the organization is dedicated to them and to the things that they can do. It has been a huge help for different people and has made a big difference for immigrants. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

People who use Frontera Fund know that they are getting all of the help that they need to be able to be successful. They also know that they can enjoy the improvements that come from the organization that they are now a major part of.

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Growth Equity For A New Market

Madison Street Capital Is The Only Firm


Throw a number of investment banks in the air.


As market news speaks of a new relationship between Sterling packaing and Madision Street Cpital, it could onlymean one thing. A tremendous growth equity investment is underway. And which New York City bank stands out to take the lead?


Yell their names all at the same time, and Madison Street Capital will stand out. This agency got its start in the “Big Apple,” and nothing has stopped them since. The agency’s reputation is not only expansive, but it continues to grow. Yet, don’t expect to hear the big news of Madison Street Capital if you’re not in the world of finance. Learn more:


Investment banking at the level of Madison Street Capital operates where wealthy individuals hold large stakes, giant businesses expand their bottom lines and where nations get the scoop on investing that they might not be hearing from their own advisors. Still, don’t let the Madison Street Capital reputation get ahead of you.


Where A Reputation Like This Comes From


The MSC bank didn’t become a major player in the world of finance by having some overnight stint. A quick glance at the bank’s history is clear. What you find is precious products and services that have stood their own test of time. This includes equity investment. The banking options is advanced or forwarded by the agency’s staff. Learn more:


Enter the world of finance, and you will learn what Madison Street Capital is often regarded highly for. Since its inception, what’s made the firm scale its competitors comes down to the agency’s customer service. This is service that comes from the biggest and most qualified financial professionals that only the world’s greatest education can produce.


The Legacy That’s Likely To Expand


Bankers like MSC take into account transactions that have the financial clout to impact the planet and in drastic ways. This is true weather the trade or option proves itself good or bad in the end. What this means is that Madison Street Capital has a strong hold in finance that ensures its standing and for many more years to come. Learn more:


With the combination of customer service, qualified members and an insider’s view on the markets, we suspect Madison Street to soar well into the future. It’s no surprise we see a reputation that’s so grand and effective.


The products and services of Madison Street Capital justify the brand as we know it.


David McDonald Driving OSI Group to Sustainable Growth

David McDonald was born and raised in the state of Iowa. He attended the Iowa State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science in 1987. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award for his exemplary behavior during his time at the institution. Mr. McDonald went on to be employed by OSI Industries in Chicago, where he advanced in his career to the point of being appointed the president and chief operating officer, positions which he holds to this day.

During his tenure as the president and chief operating officer for OSI Industries, David McDonald has been instrumental in helping the company attain productive sustainability and global expansion. OSI Group has grown over the years to become the leading food processing company in the world. They have a presence in 17 countries, operating over 50 facilities in all these. Mr. McDonald appreciates that a company of such size with such an extensive market presence and such diverse target markets cannot adopt a one-fits-all strategy. The strategies employed must be tailored to each market and must be cognizant of the different socio-cultural dynamics of each market. Thus, they have developed an approach that emphasizes on the attainment of global scale efficiency and local solutions for every facility that they operate.

The OSI Group has endeavored to grow at a scale reflective of China’s economic growth in its operations in the country. They have been in the Chinese market for the past 20 years, during which time they have grown to become the leading poultry producer in the country. The company operates eight facilities in China, with two more currently under construction. Over the past two years, there has been a flurry of developments in the Chinese market that point to the company’s growth. They announced the commencement of the construction of a mega plant in Henan Province in September last year while at the same announcing a joint venture with DOYOO Group to form DaOSI. This would be their third fully integrated vertical poultry operation in the country.

Outside China, OSI Group has been growing in other markets as well. Last year alone, it announced the expansion and establishment of seven new facilities around the globe. All this growth has been achieved under the able leadership of David McDonald.

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