Securus Technologies: A leader in Correctional Telecommunications

Securus Technologies is a prison telecommunications company located in Dallas, Texas. The company opened its doors in 1986 and has offices in Atlanta Georgia, Carrollton, Texas and Allen Texas. The company has an estimated staff of 1000 employees. Securus Technologies stated in July, 2016 that it had devoted more than $600 million dollars into a variety of telecommunications technologies in recent years.


The company made two key acquisitions in 2004: T-Netix and Evercom. Both companies were highly successful in the prison market industry. In 2007, Securus merged with another worldwide leader Syscon Justice Systems. Syscon specializes in Offender Management Systems. Securus also created a system to counter illegal cell phones in the corrections system. In July, 2016, they collaborated with Harris Corporation on “Cell Phone Defender” technology. Securus created its Wireless Containment Solution in 2017, which helped to prevent illegal cell phones from connecting to cellular networks.


Securus has been praised by many in law enforcement and correctional facilities for the services they provide. One official stated that with the help of Securus and their technologies, the facility was able to arrest a corrupt staff member for bringing illegal contraband into the institution.


Another official said that the tools Securus provides aids in the investigation of harassment and other dangers to the facility or community.


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