Corporations Can Still Be Good – A Look at Boraie Development LLC

It is not the ordinary business that can save an entire city from imploding economically, but that is exactly what Boraie Development LLC did through the leadership of its president and seventy three year old patriarch, Omar Boraie.

Omar Boraie was committed to using Boraie Development LLC to transform his beloved city of New Brunswick, New Jersey from a gutted city into a splendorous place to live.

Normally nobody would think a real estate company like Boraie Development LLC would be so caring for the city. Just looking at the website,, you would think it is just like any other corporation. Boraie Development LLC has been in business for over 30 years. They are stations in New Jersey. They have been a part of over $150 million in real estate transactions, both commercial and residential. So what makes this company stand out?

Boraie Development LLC stands out because of its commitment to the community. A tear jerking article was written by the New Jersey stage which shows the tender heart of this enterprise.

The president of Boraie Development LLC, Omar Boraie, wanted to provide the area with family fun activities. To do this, Boraie Development LLC approached one of their allies, The Provident Bank Foundation, and asked if they could together, provide a free night of movies to the community. From there, they contacted the State Theater to make arrangements. Soon the plans were off the ground. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

The idea grew from just a one movie, one night event, to seven different movies showing over seven different days at two different times a day. However, both companies knew that money would be an issue. That is why Boraie Development LLC and the Provident Bank Foundation made the event, all seven of them, completely free. You could come and watch hit movies like Despicable Me 2, Babe, Aladdin, and even Disney’s Frozen, with your loved ones.

The event grew so large that not only familes but camps, churches, clubs, and summer groups came out to enjoy a wonderful night for free. In the year 2016, over 7,500 individuals came and enjoyed what Boraie Development LLC provided for the community in what is now called, “Free Summer Movie Series.

The world needs more businesses like Boraie Development LLC. All too often we think of corporations as ice cold machines, but Boraie Development LLC shows us some of them still have heart.

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