Cassio Audi and his Strong Presence in the Sector of Finance

Financial expert Cassio Audi has been in the business for many years. After he completed his higher education, Cassio Audi pursued a career in the financial sector.

After graduation, Cassio Audi transition from his being a part of a heavy metal band called Viper to wearing a suit on the daily and handling money and big responsibilities in a sleek office.

Cassio Audi graduated the Sao Paulo University in Finance. Next, he started working for public and private companies. For the first four years of his career, Cassio Audi was working as a Trader and then continued as a Sr. Financial Analyst. After that, he started taking on positions in leadership such as Financial Director at Gillette and then as Chief Financial officer for Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners In.

By that time, Cassio Audi has established himself as an expert in his line of work and he was a sought-after professional in the finance sector. The company that had him for about a six years was Rossi Residential. Cassio Audi started at an Investor Relations Officer and Chief financial officer. Next, Cassio Audi became a chief executive officer of Rossi Commercial Properties.

Mst recently, Cassio Audi has been working at the position os Managing Director as well as a Chief financial officer for the company of GVMI which is located in the city of Sao Paulo.

Cassio Audi has many skills and his portfolio is rather lengthy. He has amassed a lot of experience in IPO, Fundraising, as well as at M&A Investor relations. Other qualifications include resource management, development of growth strategies, s well as business planning and data analysis.

Cassio Audi has been in the business for more than 20 years and he has become renowned across the financial sector of Brazil. He is viewed as a strong fnancial leader.

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