Cassio Audi Makes Successful Transition From Music to Finance

When a person like Cassio Audi makes transition it is something to take notice of. People that look at his career can easily find that he was a successful songwriter and drummer. He names appears through the linear notes of songs for the group Viper that he was a part of back when people were still purchasing cassettes and compact discs.

The way that music is being purchased has changed, and Cassio Audi has change professions right along with it. He recognized his talents to write songs early, but he would have a desire to pursue something far greater with things like financial planning and leadership strategy.

There are few people that leave the rock and roll world to put their efforts into the business world, but Cassio has made a conscious choice. He had a desire to get into project planning and become an investment manager. Cassio has been able to build wealth for himself and others as he learned the ropes about the ways to build a better financial investment plan. Audi has been helping people build a great financial future, and he is truly praised for his input on helping people sort through stocks, index funds, annuities and all the other things that they can invest in.

He was a drummer on songs like “Soldiers of Sunrise” in his early days, and people were impressed with his skills. Cassio Audi liked this profession in his early days, but he also realized that there was more that he could do with his time. He wanted to get into strategic forecasting and lots of other business concepts. He has been dedicated to helping others created valuable financial platforms for their lives. Cassio finds this fulfilling, and that’s why he decided to get his MBA and take on this role.

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