End Citizens United Pursuing Reforms Through Grassroots Activism

End Citizens United is committed to making the interest of individual citizens a priority through reforming the campaign finance mechanisms in the US. Following the 2010 ruling on Citizens United vs. F.E.C by the supreme court, special interests, and select billionaires have a chance to front their interests through unlimited spending in the election. As a result, the verdict compromised accountability and transparency in the political landscape. Currently, wealthy individuals are arm-twisting political power to work for them.

The End Citizens United movement began in 2015 and is wholly financed by grassroots donors. A month after its launch, the political action committee raised over 200 million dollars from individual small donors and collected over 325,000 signatures to petition Congress to pursue amendments. The movement intends to garner as much grassroots support and pressure to influence reforms and actions by lawmakers on campaign finance legislation.

End Citizens United’s primary mission is to fix the broken political system and to abolish big money in the system by supporting and electing advocates of campaign finance reforms, increasing national conversation around the issue and advancing state ballot measure.

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Currently, End Citizens United back Democrats that champion significant reforms to the elections finance systems and have the will to fight for the change. Also, the group pledges assistance for candidates who face attacks from particular interest, dark money groups, and special interests. The choice to work with Democrats is informed by their leadership’s commitment to stand against Citizens United. As much as republican and independent voters voice almost similar concern as End Citizens United, the Republican leadership seems unbothered about making any steps to overturn the decision.

The group engages the public through questionnaires when nominating the endorsed candidates. The process allows the voter to have a say on who would represent their interests based. The current Colorado Senator, Michael Bennet is among the candidates endorsed by the movement. An independent expenditure department administers financial assistance to candidates through direct mailers, television advertisements, and polling.

End Citizens United’s greatest pillar is grassroots activism. About a month after it began, the group had received over 136,000 donations averaging 14.86 dollars each. As crusaders of transparency, the lobbyist group ensures that political spending in the movement is accounted for and comply with the regulations of the Federal Elections Commission. End Citizens United FEC filings are available to the public.

The political resolve to address an issue and get people elected to further the change is what sets End Citizens United apart from all the other political action committees. Ultimately for the change to be effective constitutional amendments have to be passed and implemented to overturn the verdict of the Supreme court. Currently, the movement has achieved some strides at local and state level and hopes to replicate the same at national level.

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