Jose Neto’s Impressive Contribution to JHSF’s Success

JHSF is a real estate expert in Brazil. In fact, it is credited for being the first company in the country to deal with assets in the field of recurrent incomes such as hotels, shopping malls, airports and a number of other major products. The company does not only have its operations mainly based in Brazil but also has a number of branches in Uruguay and the USA. The company has a large market share in Brazil and beyond. Jose and Fabio who are two brothers that came together with two other partners to name the company JHSF founded it in 1972.

The company mainly focuses on real estate at its initial stages of development. By 2001 the company had expanded its operations and began dealing with shopping center segments in addition to its other construction ventures. It is notable for having been behind the development of Metro Santa Cruz shopping mall. It also became a majority shareholder in the Fasano groups of hotels. There are more accomplishments to JHSF including the fact that the inauguration of the first Brazil luxury outlet called Catarina fashion market went through the company. There are many projects associated to JHSF more so in the US. Certain developments scream the involvement of JHSF because of their level of detail.

Jose has served as the CEO of the company for long. His goal is to oversee the interests of the company’s brand especially as far as public development is concerned. He mainly focuses on hotels and office buildings among others. He is also responsible for the administration bit of the retail business of JHSF as well as a shopping portfolio. Jose has been responsible for overseeing some of the ventures of the company turn into meaningful partnerships and agreements.

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