Julia Jackson of Jackson Wineries Is Part of a International Family Business

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson works in the family business Jackson Family Wines with her sister Kate. The company founded in 1982 by her parents owns over 40 wineries. Julia works on sustainability with her sister and marketing projects like redesigning labels for the company. She focuses too on the health and wellness program for the employees. The Seeds of Empowerment Program awards $100,000 grants to women in positions of power in charitable organizations to fund their work. They give two awards yearly worth $50,000 each.When growing up her mother and family was involved in fundraising and giving. Philanthropy is something she learned at an early age. That is why they developed the Seeds of Empowerment program.She started working for the family wine business in her youth often working 14 hour days during harvest time. She worked in all areas picking, sampling, at the sorting table.

Julia Jackson learned to respect the work that went into making wine. Often she picked grapes in the very hot weather.Julia always worked at the wineries after school and during the summers. She met another girl from France and went for the summer to learn the language.There she learned about French wJulia Jacksonine making.After college she traveled to Bordeaux to learn about sales and distribution and work at the family business.In France she learned about international markets and worked 14 hour days during harvest.She traveled to Champagne later in the season to learn more about wine and champagne. When she returned home she completed a Master Sommelier Introductory Course.Jackson Family Wines has wineries in North America, Chile, France, Italy, South Africa, and Australia. They focus heavily on sustainability. They have installed energy storage systems in several of their wineries. There plan is to power about 50% of their wine making operations using renewable energy in the future.

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