Dogs can’t stop talking about Beneful’s delicious dog food

Purina Beneful Dog Food has an ad campaign that is sure to tug on the heartstrings of any dog owner. Purina has done a wonderful job of showing that our pets are valued members of our family. The adorably sweet dogs in the commercials do an excellent job of explaining the products and making you feel like it is a product your pet will truly enjoy. My favorite example is the commercial where the family pet is giving tips for all the dogs watching on how to convince your owner to give you all four segments of the Break-N-Bites treats. He gives the standard sit, stay commands, but in order to get all four, you need to up the ‘cuteness factor’ by letting the children sleep on you. These commercials give you such a warm feeling. The whimsical idea of the dog talking about the food and treats is just brilliant marketing on behalf of Purina.


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