Lately, food chains popularity in the industry is overwhelming. One of the most famous success stories is the American Sweetgreen fast casual salad chain. Sweetgreen is popular for its excellent customer services and their food which is always healthy, fresh and organic. Residents enjoy having their meal in one of Sweetgreen’s 40 locations.

The restaurant’s success has lured investors such as Steve Case, Daniel Boulud, and Danny Meyer into funding it. The co CEO of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru firmly believes that by feeding more people better food, the restaurant is creating a brand that will stand for something.

Ru, together with his two partners Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman conceived the idea for setting up a food chain while at Georgetown University. The trio took an entrepreneurship class together. While in campus they lacked healthy eating options around Georgetown area.

This necessitated them to establish their first restaurant after their graduation from college in August 2007. The trio who are the pioneers run most of Sweetgreen’s transactions via its website or mobile app.

Sweetgreen has a close relationship with customers and more often than not the company dismisses the corporate office at least five times a year to allow employees to work in its restaurants. Recently, Sweetgreen opened up offices in Los Angles and is committed to spreading its networks across the globe.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a co- CEO and director of the Sweetgreen fast food chain. Ru graduated from Georgetown University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. After graduation Ru, together with Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet opened Sweetgreen restaurant in Georgetown.

The trio saw that there was a need for the people of Georgetown area to enjoy healthy, fresh organic and local food. Currently, the company has founded other fast food chain stores in 40locations.

One of the core values of Nathaniel Ru in business is doing something that will last longer than you and making a decision that is for a long term purpose. Upholding this sustainability has enabled Sweetgreen to be not only a restaurant enterprise but also a lifestyle brand.

Also, Ru encourages authenticity in the company that includes the conduct of employees. By keeping it real, the company can achieve its goals thus making an impact to thousands of their customers and residents in the region. Sweetgreen holds a music and food festival known as Sweet life which promotes healthy lifestyle besides their diet.

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A Unique Approach to Cancer Treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“Nearly one in seven men(one in five if your African American), will be diagnosed with prostrate cancer in their lifetime.”

The National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LabCorp are teaming together to form an awareness for prostrate cancer campaign. From September 1 – October 15th, men over 40 years of age who meet certain eligibility requirements will be able to qualify for a free Prostrate Specific Antigen(PSA) screening from LabCorp in any of the 1750 locations nationwide. After the initial 2000 free slots are filled, these eligible men can still get their screening for the discount rate of $25.00. However, screenings must be done within six months from initial sign-up date.

An estimated 161,360 new cases of Prostrate cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2017. (That’s an average of 13,447 new cases per month)! Family history and race (African American) are the most common risk factors. If your PSA factor is out of normal range, it isn’t necessarily a diagnosis of cancer, it could just be alerting of certain risk factors which you should discussed with your doctor.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer a unique approach to treating cancer, which is just as unique as each person is. The staff at The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are professional and specific in treating CANCER, making a commitment of their time and talent to the treatment of cancer at all stages.

There are five Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals in the United States. Located in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania; Tulsa, Oklahoma; near Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona. Each center delivering a personalized, “whole-person” care with the state-of-the-art technology and best treatments to each patient that comes through our doors.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America staff of professional experts believe they are treating more than just a disease, they are treating people and families that have been affected by this disease.

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The Struggle for Immigrant Rights

Its only two decades into the 21st century and the world is overwhelmed by an astronomical rise in migration rates. Across the world, human beings are on the move. Wars have devastated many countries pushing people to unimaginable suffering and leaving them with no alternative except moving to areas they can find peace to raise their families.

Poverty levels across the developing world have also sent thousands of migrants across the open seas in search of greener pastures to ensure the guarantee of a great future for the families.

The United Nations Refugee Agency has already identified current migration trends as unseen since world war two. Europe received its largest share of refugees last year when more than two million people escaping the war in the Middle East entered the continent. Not so many were lucky to reach their destinations safe; some died in fragile boats in open seas, and many more are stuck in refugee camps.

Migration, in general, does not elicit similar feeling among the receiving population as the reality of new arrivals sinks in. while many are receptive, some are simply hostile to the new inhabitants.

Those hostile sometimes include government officials or citizens who do not feel their governments should allow migrants into their territory.

Many organization have come up dealing with various aspects of migrants rights. These civil society groups have been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of the migrant to lead a reasonably good life free of discrimination with full access to all services availed to all members of their societies. Some of these organizations in the US include Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA).

There is also The Advocates for Human Rights; a body that inspects and uncovers the various forms of human rights violations, advocates for the refugees and immigrants who seek asylum, and in addition offers training as well as assists groups which fight for the protection of human rights. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports migrants too. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, for instance, is a direct response to human rights violations to the people of Arizona. The fund seeks to provide financial support to organization that are engaged in various levels of struggling for immigrant rights in Arizona.

The formation of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is itself a story of rights violation. The co-founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two established journalists also co-founders of the Phoenix New Times, found themselves in chilling circumstances in 2007. In a thrilling publication in the Phoenix New Times, they revealed Sheriff Joe Arpaio dealings that included racial profiling and arresting of individuals.

After this story, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were identified by the sheriff as targets. On October 18, 2007, the sheriff arrested them keeping them in separate prisons under his jurisdiction.

Due to their influential position as journalists, the story went viral, humbling the tough sheriff. Sheriff Joe was later tried for wrongful detention of individuals. He agreed to settle by paying $3.75 million and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decide to use the amount to set up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

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Our Rights Will Be Protected By Us

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are doing everything in their power and more to stop the evil deeds being committed against the Hispanic population. They themselves have the recipients of racial crimes simply because they came here from the country of Mexico.

Being passionate believers in the freedom of speech, they felt that the best way to change America would be to inform the public on the trials that the common Hispanic faces when coming here to the United States. They tell stories of struggle and trauma that occurs to the Hispanic population in hopes that compassion shall grow in the hearts of these great people.

One name that comes up very often when discussing trauma to the Hispanic population is Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. He single-handedly has turned the entire state of Arizona into lunatics that are hell-bent on harming the Hispanic people. They showed how he was guilty of mass persecution, allowing Hispanic men to be beaten to death in prison, of allowing women in labor to go without receiving proper medical care, and using Hispanics for hard labor that would make a Siberian gulag blush.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio tried to silence Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and attempted to sue the 9 million readers who read their magazines regularly. This of course is a direct breaking of the constitutional right to the freedom of speech.

The American government would give Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin a $3.75 million settlement as an apology for their rights being violated. The two men would use this money to start a nonprofit called the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This nonprofit produces the magazine Front Page Confidential. Together, these two entities educate America on the need to keep the First Amendment right of free speech last we lose all power to communicate.

Osteo Relief Institute May be the Solution to Finding Help with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects millions of Americans every year. It’s a condition that wears down the cartilage in joints, causing bones to grind against each other, which creates degenerative wear and tear. However, with some changes to their overall lifestyle, osteoarthritis patients will find that there will be no truly drastic changes. These changes can be broken down into four areas – exercise, diet, occupation, and medical care.

It’s important that patients still exercise. Exercise will keep patients at a healthy weight, preventing extra stress on their bones. It also helps promote muscle growth and strength, which help support weaker bones. A solid diet is also fundamental to maintaining a healthy weight. Most support plans will involve a change in diet for the patient. Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition. It will require patients to seek medical care at regular intervals. Even diet and exercise won’t be able to help if they aren’t combined with regular medical care. Last, it’s important that those suffering from osteoarthritis have a support network. It’s essential for both physical and mental health. Watch this video on Youtube.

There are many options available for help with osteoarthritis today. One of those options is the Osteo Relief Institute. With Locations across the United States, the Osteo Relief Institute uses modern technology and personalized treatment plans to help those suffering from osteoarthritis. On top of that, their number one goal is to use physical therapy and care plans to help avoid surgery.

Osteo Relief Institute also has an A+ rating from BBB. All technology and treatments are FDA approved. Patients review their experience at the Osteo Relief Institute to be fantastic, and companies to that sell to them only have good things to say. Learn more about the location at

It’s a hard adjustment to Osteoarthritis. But, finding a solution, like the Osteo Relief Institute can help you make that transition. They provide physical therapy, exercise, treatment, and support. They hold support groups allowing you to meet other patients who are going through the same struggle. With locations all over the United States, one of them may just be the choice for you.


A Look Into A/B Testing And How You Can Benefit From It

To start off, what is A/B testing? It refers to testing out a control group versus a variation of a web page. The A refers to the control group while the B refers to the variation. Control groups in A/B testing are the original web pages that you have in place. Variations are the modified web pages where you made a change from the original page.

So, what is the point of doing A/B testing? The reason behind doing A/B testing is to see which page is better optimized. In other words, it is to see which page draws in more traffic, gets more clicks, has more sales, or signups. The exact metric you are looking to improve, and measure will vary depending on the site you have and what you are trying to do. So, to summarize, the reason for doing A/B testing is to be able to measure and find out which page is more effective at getting conversions which are clicks, signups or sales.

Getting an A/B test done is pretty simple. You just create a modified version of the page you want to test. This is the B page or variable page. The page can be completely different or altered slightly. For example, you can just change the headline or graphic or you can build an entirely new page. Whatever you decide to do, the next step is to make the page visible to some of your visitors.

A/B testing, which is also known as split testing involves showing half your customers your original page and then showing the other half of your visitors or customers the new modified page. You then gather data about each of the pages to determine which one is better. For example, you can gather data such as the number of sales, sign ups, number of time spent on the site etc. After comparing the data from the A/B test, you should be able to clearly see which site is more effective at conversions.

After A/B testing is complete, the person testing the site will usually take the website that had better metrics such as more sales and make it permanent. The results of A/B testing can vary however. Sometimes one site will be better at conversions. Other times, however, there will be no significant difference, so it may make sense to keep the original web page instead of the modified or B version.


Madison Street Capital Support on Corporate Financing

Madison Street Company, the winner of the 16th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, was recognized by the M&A Advisor. The event took place on 13th November 2017 at the Metropolitan Club, New York. Being the advisor in the WLR automotive transaction, the company also emerged the Debt Financing Deal of the Year winner.


M&A Advisor has offered exceptional expertise on mergers and acquisition for twenty years. It is the world’s leader for reformation and business professionals, mergers and acquisition (M&A) and delivery of integrated services. The organization has its offices in London and New York


Among 650 participants Madison Street Company signified the M&A best candidate in 2017 and emerged the leader in M&A transactions. Mr. Charles Botchway, the CEO Madison Street Company, appreciated the recognition by the M&A Advisor. He further commended the support received from the WLR Automotive through Barry Petersen, the company senior managing Director. Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the year was an award won by Madison Street Company as well as the Financials Deal of the Year. has published some success stories on Madison Street Capital.


The global investment banking company delivers financial advisory to corporates on, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), business assessment services and economic views. Their services are designed to fit both the public and private entrepreneurs. The firm focuses on meeting the goals of the clients in all aspects of finance advisory, M&A transactions as well as successful business funding. Madison Street Capital embraces market opportunities and views upcoming developments as core components to global business growth for their clients. The firm commitment to professionalism has earned the trust of clients internationally.


About Madison Street Capital


The market investment banking company came into existence in 2005. It understands the uniqueness of each client and has served clients in several industries. Madison Street Capital makes every effort to offer best advisory services on mergers and acquisition. It also makes sure that the entrepreneurs understand the value of their business. The process delivers an actual business position and its future opportunities.


Madison Street Capital is a leader in the provision of M&A advisory services. The firm has its offices based in Asia and North America. It also offers global and domestic corporate governance as well as valuation services. The market leader has expertise and networks appropriate to meet each client funding and capitalization structure. Within this organization, your requirements get examined, and advisory services on your best financing match get identified. Learn more:


Eric Lefkofsky’s Contribution to Better Cancer Care

Healthcare costs in America have gone up due to the increase of intensity and rates for those services. Due to the increase in population in America, the amount of revenue spent on healthcare has increased. In addition, the aging factor has also played a role in the increase in costs for healthcare services. The type of disease however determines the amount spent on treating the conditions.

Despite all of those costs going up, the Lefkofsky Foundation has played a big role in the easing of such costs. Founded by Eric and his wife Elizabeth, the foundation promotes the cause of researching for the cure of cancer and developing revolutionary therapies that treat patients. At Tempus, Lefkofsky has been able to help physicians come up with custom real-time treatments for cancer patients based on collected data and analyzing molecular therapies rhyming with the patient’s genetic sequence.

American born Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an industrious entrepreneur and one of the industry’s biggest technology icons. Eric co-founded Tempus and serves as CEO. He has also co-founded Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake. He is popular for his philanthropic moves with the goal of acquiring a cure for cancer.

The University of Michigan graduated co-founded an internet company known as Starbelly. The company that dealt with the sale of promotional items which led to its quick development. The venture was later sold to Halo industries in 2000. As a result of the sale, Eric joined Halo Industries and served as CEO for a year before creating InnerWorkings. The printing solutions provider experienced a successful first year and continued growing until he left in 2012.

Over the years, Lefkofsky developed an interest for the cancer medication and treatment. He was driven to develop custom cancer treatments and even develop a cure. This passion led to the creation of the Tempus, where he serves as chief executive officer.

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Investing with Agora Financial Literature as Your Guide

Investors have so many choices to make when it comes to investing. Most people that are investing on a regular basis will find that there are a wide number of investment options to consider. Some people do not know what companies are worth investing in. For these types of organizations it is clear that guidance is needed before an decision is made. That is why Agora a Financial has become a leader in this investing literature area. People need this type of literature to make educated decisions, and Agora Financial is helping those people that may have never thought that they could make a worthwhile investment.

The good thing about companies like Agora Financial is that it does not depend on one single source for information. This is a company that has a wide spectrum of professionals that have a bountiful amount of experience when it comes to investing. Getting information to make better decisions is what investing is all about. The smart investors are going to be the ones that take the time to analyze situations based on the research that has been done.

Most of the investors do not have the time to sit down and spend hours looking at what companies have been doing from one quarter to the next. They need experts that have time to do this on a regular basis. Agora Financial is just a company that has these type of investors that can help with research.

It’s not always about putting everything into Investments that are considered to be hot stock tips. Sometimes it is much more so about the slow growth companies that people have not discovered yet. This is what investors for Agora Financial can do. They can lead people to those slow growth companies that will soon be on the.

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Fabletics – Affordable and User-Friendly Athleisure Brand

One of the fashion trends that have swept the market entirely in the last couple of years is that of athleisure wear. Many companies have been manufacturing and retailing athleisure products these days to capture the growing athleisure market. The young, as well as the old people, have become more health and fitness conscious, which has drifted the fashion sense towards the comfortable clothing. Fabletics is a reputed athleisure brand that has been growing steadily since the company launched in 2013. Presently, the company has an annual turnover of $300 million, which is increasing at a rapid pace.


Fabletics is a subsidiary firm of the Techstyle Fashion Group, which was started by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. For Fabletics, Don, and Adam also roped in Kate Hudson due to her celebrity status and popularity around the world as well as her image as a fitness role model for the young generation. Kate Hudson is one of the co-owners of Fabletics, and she plays an active role in the product creation as well as the sales and marketing process of Fabletics. One of the reasons why Fabletics has been able to penetrate the market with such strength is due to its pricing and subscription-based marketing model.


The pricing of the athleisure products of Fabletics is kept low so that people from various backgrounds can buy it without having to think twice. Kate Hudson said in one of the interviews that before Fabletics, no brand offered high-quality athleisure products or fitness gears at reasonable prices, and some of the top street fashion brands sold yoga pants at two hundred dollars or more. It is practically impossible for the people belonging to the lower or middle strata of the society financially to afford such highly priced athleisure wear.


It is where the products of Fabletics come in. One other reason why Fabletics has been able to make a good name for itself in the market is due to its marketing strategy. The marketing strategy of the company relies heavily on Big Data, which the company uses to make real-time changes in its marketing model as per the likes and dislikes of its customers. If there is any product that is selling more or the design pattern that is getting more popular, everything is noticed and integrated with the company’s policies and design practices. It is what has helped Fabletics become the leader in the field of providing a personalized shopping experience to the customers. Kate Hudson says that she is not afraid of taking risks and keeps taking calculated risks when it comes to Fabletics to ensure that they have the edge over the competition.


The company also recently launched several physical stores across the nation to reach out to its audience in a targeted fashion. If you are intrigued by what Fabletics has to offer or want to check out their products, then make sure to visit their official website. And, also it is highly recommended that you take Lifestyle Quiz when you visit Fabletics’ official site as it would help you enjoy a personalized shopping experience like never before.

Bruno Fagali’s Successful Legal Career

Brazil has been in the limelight in the recent times. The country has some of the best football players, and it has been given an opportunity to host several international games in the past. Having these games is not a walk in the park. The nations that are offered this rare opportunity must be capable of hosting all the international guests who come in large numbers. Brazil has a fast growing economy too, and it attracts investors from all over the globe. The demand for lawyers and legal representatives has been growing in the recent times.

There are very many lawyers in this nation. Becoming a lawyer based in Brazil is not a walk in the park. First of all, these professionals must go through several academic qualifications so that they can be allowed to practice. Without having the right certificates, an individual cannot practice as a lawyer in the country. Bruno Fagali is a prominent lawyer who has been in Brazil for a long time.

Bruno Fagali has been practicing law for some time, and he won millions of hearts because he offers his customers only the best services. Although he has been very successful, Bruno did not acquire all this in a silver platter. He had to go through the challenging educational system so that he could finally graduate and become one of the reputable lawyers in Brazil according to Bruno has to go to several universities and colleges so that he could get the law skills needed. Some of the schools he attended are found oversees.

After graduating from a law school in Canada, Bruno returned to his home country so that he could focus on electoral law. The lawyer enrolled at the Brazilian Society of Public Law where he graduated in the year 2009. The skills he got from the respected learning institution have been instrumental in his successful career. The lawyer is highly experienced, and this makes investors and other prominent personalities from all over the world to flock his office so that they can acquire his quality services. In the course of his career, the businessman has assisted very many clients in the country.

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