We need some Organo Gold in our lives!

Can coffee result in a longer life? Can too much coffee be harmful to your body? We’ll be able to see in just a few moments. Over 185,000 Americans were studied for this topic of research and it was founded that it didn’t matter if the coffee was decaf or caffeinated. Studies showed that coffee actually lowered the risk of medical conditions such as a heart disease, and cancer even diabetes. Even a European study was conducted where over 520,000 people where questioned and this spanned over a long distance of ten countries. Unfortunately there are limitations, and researchers weren’t able to pinpoint why or when these effects happen. Watch this video on Youtube.

This company was founded in 2008 in Richmond, Bc by just three employees! Organo gold is a marketing brand that offers a lot of different flavors of coffee or tea and hot chocolate. Such as cafe Latte and Mocha Latte. There are parts of Organo that is dedicated to helping your body as well even while you’re relaxing

This brand offers a lot of different items from a wide range of selections such as water bottles, leggings, even back packs and work out gear and equipment.

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The Organo distribution has a variety of options such as sample products or individual products sales and also automated shipping options.

By the time 2016 hit Organo had over 400,000 active independent distributors . Organo also prides itself on using a mushroom called Ganoderma. Some may ask what OGX means that’s attached to some of their “fitness” or “body” items and OGX is actually another word used for or as transformation. Visit corpdev.ogmentorship.com to know more.

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