Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund: Their role in human rights protection

Human rights organizations have been in existence for many years. These are organizations that have been dealing with protection of the basic human rights. Their role is to see that governments and individuals accord human beings the respect and dignity they deserve.

It is not proper for any society to accommodate individuals and governments that violate the rights of others. It is a wrong that should not be tolerated at all. Human rights are guaranteed for every human being, and every human being deserves protection against any force that may intend to violate them.

Human rights are part of the international law that was passed by the United Nations general assembly. The intention was to have every human being treated in the same way so that acts such as those of racial discrimination could be eliminated.

Human rights groups, however, cannot operate in isolation. They deserve the support of the public so that they can pressure governments to put in place measures that will ensure that every human being is treated in the same way. The public does a vital role in helping rights groups voice their concerns about the status of human rights. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Rights groups usually employ the tactic of documenting issues that are considered human rights violations. After documenting, they go the extra step of highlighting them to the relevant authorities that are supposed to act on them.

The role of human rights groups is not restricted to just waiting for human rights violations to happen so that they can raise the issues. Theirs is making sure that they warn as well prevent further occurrences of these acts.

They also engage in educating the masses about their rights. For violations to be eliminated, the public must, first of all, understand what their rights are. This will make them know when they are being oppressed.

It will also help them in raising issues that relate to violations in the society. In the United States, numerous groups perform the role of educating the masses. They also take pro-active measures such as opposing discriminating legislation passed by governments. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Human rights groups are mainly non-governmental organizations that do not depend on the governing authorities. Their work is to ensure that irrespective of the government that is in power, the basic human rights are respected.

It is the role of the governments to protect human beings in their areas of jurisdiction, but since in many instances governments fail to do so, the role of human rights groups becomes crucial.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the people who started this organization. It is an organization that is concerned with the human rights violations happening in the state of Arizona. The group is aggressive about measures that will see the local people saved from acts of human rights violations which happen in the state.

Lacey and Larkin are beneficiaries of human rights protection action. They took the state to court for violation of their rights and were awarded a settlement of $3.75 million.

They have been using the money in funding activities that will see human right violations in the state eliminated.

Discover the Excellence Behind OSI Industries Services

OSI Industries Food Processing

There are several food processing groups to the OSI Industries name which has only complied to strict food guidelines sanctions and fines. However, the OSI Food Group understands the FDA has set-forth rules to ensure a safe diet for millions of families and food industry providers around the world. Their food service specialist understand the benefits of having a food group willing to answer by strict guidelines. Trust the OSI facility to put a nutritious meal on the table, and one you can afford. Great food starts from what’s in it, where it’s from, and where it’s processed.

OSI Leading Executive: Sheldon Lavin

Chairman and CEO of OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin has played a key role in global economic advancement by creating unique job opportunities. He was able to identify the basic needs of the under privileged in some of the regions OSI wad partnering with an exercised a improvement model. His initiative included cresting job opportunities that would create an immediate and permanent solution for adults at-risk for property. His efforts led to Lavin becoming the 2016 recipient of the Global Visionary Ward for job growth around the world.

OSI Industries Inc. Services

When it’s large facility care operations the OSI Industries Inc. network plays a key role. Their services include large scale food processing for major corporations, franchise food retailers, and supermarkets. They offer the huge facility plants needed to get major scale quality food processing to their partners fast. Their facilities operate in 55 countries with over 20,000+ employees. OSI services operate through major facility operations that pact 37.6% of the industry’s food resources. OSI food services is one of the largest food industry providers in the world with a successful 20 year partnership with China. To know more about the industry click here.

OSI Industries Inc. Facilities

OSI Industries operates from Zurich, Illinois with operations all over the world. They’re responsible for processing great food products like meat patties, pie fillings, frozen poultry from nutritious fed animals, desserts, sandwich fillings, hot dogs, and frozen vegetables from their food processing facilities. They also engage in offering unique career opportunities for many corporations around the world, and local area citizens. They’re technology resources has grown and allowed them to mimic successful business practices currently in place with the major EU food industry. Go directly to the OSI Industries website to learn more about their career ops, resources, food, and executives.

Their Facebook Page:

How Ara Chackerian Is Helping The Youth Of Nicaragua

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur who makes his home San Francisco, California. He earned an undergraduate degree from Florida State University and afterward founded BMC Diagnostics. This company is a successful diagnostic imaging firm. After running this company for six years as its chief executive officer he became an investor. He established ASC Capital Holdings and directs its investments. His specialty is healthcare companies that are in their early stage who are developing revolutionary drugs.

Another company Ara founded was TMS Health Solutions. This company provides research, education, and outpatient care to those who have clinical depression that does not respond to regular treatments like talk therapy and/or drugs. He also founded PipelinRx which is a leading provider of telepharmacy services across the United States.

As a successful businessman and investor, companies have sought him out to serve on their boards. He is a board member for a few different firms like Mint Medical Education, Juma Ventures, and Pipeline Healthcare. He is also a board member for a nonprofit, The Hatlen Center for the Blind.

In Nicaragua, Ara Chackarian owns a 1,000 acre teak farm named Limonapa Teak. Not only does this farm provide jobs to hundreds of people in the area but it is also helping with climate change. The trees capture more than 24,000 tons of Co2 over the course of their 20 year lifespans before they are cut down and replaced with a seedling which restarts the process. Visit tmshealthsolutions

Philanthropically, Ara Chackarian has helped many people over the years. He has established a number of nonprofits, many of which focus on education and youth development. One of these is CREA Nicaragua which has helped many young people around his teak farm. This nonprofit supports library services, youth development, and educational outreach so that children can look forward to having good paying careers in their future. Check out

CREA Nicaragua was founded in May 2011. Ara Chackarian says that it started out with a focus on increasing the literacy rate of children. Since that time it established a library that contains more than 3,000 books. It also has computers with internet access, something that many children would otherwise not have access to.

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David McDonald, The Most Respected CEO in the Industry

David McDonald is currently the President of OSI Group, the leader in food processing for fast-food restaurants. He grew up in Iowa and began to love agriculture at a very young age. McDonald studied animal science, graduating from the Iowa State University in Iowa. Shortly thereafter, he was given a position at OSI Industries, where he quickly climbed the corporate ladder, becoming CEO and President. Thanks to his exceptional leadership and support for his University, he was honored with several awards, including Iowa’s award for displaying exceptional achievement in academics, university activities and continuing these qualities as an alumni.

McDonald supports his fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho, and has helped create fundraising campaigns to continue his support. He also donates his time and money to several charities and non-profit organizations. He serves as Chairman on several boards including the American Meat Institute. David McDonald lives in Warrenville, Ill. with his wife Malinda. They have six children, two of which attend Iowa State.

OSI Group is known as the world’s leading supplier of sandwiches, pizza, beef patties and sausage links to the top fast-food brands in the country. They currently operate over 50 facilities in 17 different countries. China has been a big player in the success of the OSI Group. As China’s economy has skyrocketed, so has the presence of the OSI Group. They have 8 operational plants in China alone. Under McDonald’s leadership, OSI expanded the beef-processing facility in Poland by 30%. In India, they built a frozen food processing plant and a modern feed meel in Shandong. Recently, the OSI Group bought out Baho Food, a Dutch convenience food manufacturer. The acquisition of Baho Food has given OSI a bigger presence in Europe.

David McDonald and the OSI Group continue to evolve to fit their customers needs. They are working on bringing all-natural, certified organic foods to their big name clients. They currently serve top brands like Starbucks, Yum, Papa John’s Pizza and McDonalds. The OSI Group currently has a staff of over 20,000 employees around the world. David McDonald is known for creating a family-oriented atmosphere within OSI Industries.

His LinkedIn Profile:

Aloha Construction: More Than A General Contractor

Have you ever heard of a general-contracting company named Aloha Construction? If you haven’t heard, then you’re probably not residing in the Illinois area. This company has taking the game of home renovation to the next level. Of course, it provides great services such as:

• Soffit Installation
• Roof Cleaning
• Masonry
• Flashing
• Window Fascia Repair
• Stucco Installation
• Door Installation
• Bathroom Repair
• Waterproofing
• And more

This small list is designed to give you a better understanding of the company in general. Aloha Construction started out by specializing in roofing and specializing in siding installation. It’s team of talented technicians have also been rigorously trained at the prominent Vinyl Siding Institute. That’s right! As business began to grow at an unprecedented rate, the company’s actual size had to grow in order to keep pace with the demand. Over 200 individuals are employed here. The company has its headquarters in Lake Zurich, Illinois, but its secondary office is in Bloomington, Illinois. Aloha Construction also stands out from the competition because of its 10-year craftsmanship warranty. To add some insult to injury, the company has an effective nine-step inspection process, which gives the technicians a better since of the home’s current issues. This is progressive and effective actions.

What specific areas are receiving service? Since the company has experienced a major growth-spurt, it has been able to reach many more regions than before. As of today, Aloha Construction serves Southern Wisconsin as well as Illinois. Some of the municipalities that receive services are Grayslake, lake Villa, Morton, Libertyville, Round Lake, Vernon Hills, Pekin, Wauconda, Normal, Mahomet, Tazewell, Washington and others. Aloha Construction is certainly living up to the hype, and it will continue to break more industry barriers.

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Sheldon Lavin Amazing Career

Global business trade has risen over the century, and businesses have had to expand to many new markets in search of potential clients or customers. Companies that have done so have had to open up new branches to better serve the new clients. Concerning this OSI Group is one good example of a business which has grown and expanded into new territories and amassed many customers for itself.

OSI Group is a big international company that mainly deals with the processing and supply of meat products. The primary market for its meat products in wide but it includes numerous food service and prominent retail brands.

To attain its supply demands the company has more than sixty-five facilities across the world. The number of workers operating these plants is well over 20, 000 working around the clock. As cooperation, the subsidiaries of OSI Group include OSI International Foods, OSI Industries, LLC, and OSI International, Inc.

Over the years the OSI Group has enjoyed a period of great success all thanks to Sheldon Lavin who brought significant and transformative leadership into the company. Sheldon Lavin is OSI Group Chief Executive Officer and gets credited for improving the green practices of the company, sustainability, and promoting food safety practices in the firm. His primary objective has always been motivated towards enhancing the competitive edge of the business internationally.

The ease with which the company has expanded and taken over new markets internationally gets aided by its ability to acquire already established businesses where they venture into strategically. Sheldon’s career begun in the financial sector and he achieved great success both as an executive banker and an investor.

After successful deal with OSI Group when it used to go by Otto & Sons Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a partner and later on became its CEO after its owner retired. Through his leadership, the company has won Globe of Honor Award in the year 2016. It was from the British Safety Council.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin has also won awards one being Global Visionary Award that he received at the beginning of 2016. It recognized and appreciated him as a person who works hard to achieve his dreams or goals while also improving the world around them. He received this award from India’s Visionary World Academy. It praised the work he had done to expand the company into other countries and as a result impacted positively on each countries development.

Contact Sheldon Lavin:

Succession Race Signals New Future For Banco Bradesco

In an effort to invigorate and revitalize business Banco Bradesco SA is in the middle of a succession race. 25-year acting chairman Lazardo de Mello Brandao is stepping down from his post, and his absence in the catalyst that will refresh the bank’s managing board.

His successor is current CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who will hold both offices until a replacement CEO is chosen. The new CEO and chairman will be responsible for ensuring the continuity of Brazil’s second largest bank according to current market value. Brandao commented in an interview that the retirement was his choice but he will not be leaving the company he has served since age 16 completely. He will still manage a number of the banks smaller holding companies.

Trabuco also joined the company at an early age, working as a clerk when he was 17. A graduate of Sao Paulo’s Faculty of Philosophy with a degree in Sciences and Letters, as well as an postgraduate degree in Socio-Psychology from Sao Paulo’s school of Sociology and Politics, Trabuco has been climbing the corporate ladder for 40 years. Starting with a position as director of marketing, he became CEO of a privately owned company belonging to Bradesco in 1992. In 1998 he was named managing director of Banco Bradesco, and succeeded as the 4th CEO in 2009.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

Banco Bradesco’s policy of internal promotion has been going on for decades. Under Brandao’s leadership, such policy became an actual written mandate rather than an unspoken choice according to It is a great strategy as it promotes loyalty, breeds incentive, and ensures that the banks interests are involved. Instead of some outside talent, shaking things up, the company receives an experienced expert in exactly how they do things. As Trabuco gets comfortable in the new chairman position he will undoubtedly choose his successor from other managers within the bank. So far, seven possible candidates are qualified for the job. Trabuco’s decision will be hard but it places him in a key position to effect the future of the bank. The next CEO will take Bradesco in a new direction, and that direction is very dependent on the person selected.

The candidates are as follows:

Andre Rodrigues Cano – 59, head of human development for Bradesco. He became part of the company on 1977.

Marcelo de Arujo Noronha – 52, responsible for corporate and investment banking.

Alexandre da Silva Gluther: 57, chief risk officer. Gluther was part of Bradesco’s largest acquisition to date. The purchase of HSBC holdings for $5.2 billion dollars.

Domingos Figueiredo: 58, head of the treasury and lending departments. Figueiredo also took part in the acquisition of HSBC.

Mauricio Machado de Minas: 58, head of the IT department. Responsible for a digital-only spin-off branch of Bradesco.

Octavio de Lazari: 54, head of the insurance section of Bradesco. Lazari is responsible for one third of the bank’s results.

Josue Augusto Pancini: 57, head of branch networks. Pancini also heads the bank’s high-end divisions.

Many insiders and sources say that Mauricio de Minas is favored. His experience with technology and the work he has done to take Bradesco digital bode well for the future. More and more companies the world over integrated technology into their business. The access and resources available are without measure. Having someone at the helm who can understand and navigate that world may be what Bradesco needs to stay relevant. Many look to individuals like Gluther, Figueiredo, or Noronha, as they are shrewd executives with experience in brokering deals. Such insight may be good for future investments and endeavors.