How Ara Chackerian Is Helping The Youth Of Nicaragua

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur who makes his home San Francisco, California. He earned an undergraduate degree from Florida State University and afterward founded BMC Diagnostics. This company is a successful diagnostic imaging firm. After running this company for six years as its chief executive officer he became an investor. He established ASC Capital Holdings and directs its investments. His specialty is healthcare companies that are in their early stage who are developing revolutionary drugs.

Another company Ara founded was TMS Health Solutions. This company provides research, education, and outpatient care to those who have clinical depression that does not respond to regular treatments like talk therapy and/or drugs. He also founded PipelinRx which is a leading provider of telepharmacy services across the United States.

As a successful businessman and investor, companies have sought him out to serve on their boards. He is a board member for a few different firms like Mint Medical Education, Juma Ventures, and Pipeline Healthcare. He is also a board member for a nonprofit, The Hatlen Center for the Blind.

In Nicaragua, Ara Chackarian owns a 1,000 acre teak farm named Limonapa Teak. Not only does this farm provide jobs to hundreds of people in the area but it is also helping with climate change. The trees capture more than 24,000 tons of Co2 over the course of their 20 year lifespans before they are cut down and replaced with a seedling which restarts the process. Visit tmshealthsolutions

Philanthropically, Ara Chackarian has helped many people over the years. He has established a number of nonprofits, many of which focus on education and youth development. One of these is CREA Nicaragua which has helped many young people around his teak farm. This nonprofit supports library services, youth development, and educational outreach so that children can look forward to having good paying careers in their future. Check out

CREA Nicaragua was founded in May 2011. Ara Chackarian says that it started out with a focus on increasing the literacy rate of children. Since that time it established a library that contains more than 3,000 books. It also has computers with internet access, something that many children would otherwise not have access to.

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