Jose Hawilla — A Force of Selling

Sales are everything when you want your business to grow. A successful business is entirely dependent on the amount of revenue that comes in. If you want more revenue, you have to make sales. This is the single trait that defines a entrepreneur. If you can sell yourself, then you can win success. There are movies, books, and quotes about sales. It exists everywhere like pop culture, music, retail, insurance, marketing, even public speaking. Every industry relies on sales in some way. The ability to sell is the trait that will make you an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Psychology, diligence, fearlessness, and acceptance of failure will all come in handy with building your ability to sell. You must be willing to fail, and you must be diligent with almost limitless resilience. Your goal will seem difficult to reach at times, but you must stay strong and keep winning by focusing on those people you are able to sell on your idea. Check out Medium to know more.

In order to effectively sell your business, you must be able to articulate the benefits that you offer. You must know your industry inside and out. You must be able to remain steadfast in the face of challengers and doubters. If you are offering the solution to a problem, then you must know why that problem exists and how your product can solve that problem. Many people will benefit from reading about the tactics used by world famous salesmen. There are lessons like the rule of ten: you must multiply your efforts by ten in order to achieve the success you are looking for. Once, you elevate your efforts by a factor of ten, you will start to see the results you want and more. You can visit

Jose Hawilla knows what it means to be a great salesman. He started his career in journalism. By beginning in journalism, he often had to sell his story as the best. He did this by know what it was that made his story better than the others. Jose Hawilla advanced his career into marketing by using his sales knowledge. He knows what people want, and he knows how to give it to them.

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