Meet Mike Baur the Founder of the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a great entrepreneur and a Swiss business man who is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Swiss Startup Factory. He is a creative, innovative, and spirited entrepreneur who spent about two decades in the field of banking. He was born in Schaffhausen but later on moved to Freiburg where he grew up, and is currently living in Zurich. He successfully pursued his MBA and Executive MBA in the University of Rochester and Berne respectively.


During Mike Baur’s banking career, he received an honor as a result of him giving fruitful advice to the richest people in Swiss. The kind of advice he gave was basically about taking advantage of the most profitable investment opportunities. As a result of being a hard worker and a determined person, he became an executive board member at the famous Swiss Private Bank.


Prior to becoming an Executive Board member, Mike Bour worked at the UBS as an intern. He exemplarily practiced his role there and eventually, he gradually graduated to upper ranks. Back in the year 2008, he was appointed to serve at the Zurich branch of UBS as the Managing director. He worked with the bank for eight years, after which the Chief Executive Officer of the Clariden Leu, which is a merger of a number of private banks, spotted him and hired him to serve as the regional manager in Zurich.


Despite the love that Mike Baur had for the banking industry, he said he had to leave so as to satisfy his spirit of entrepreneurship. In collaboration with his partner, Mike established the Swiss Startup Factory which is an organization meant to help enreprenuers when it comes to making financial decisions. The factory also offers intense coaching and mentorship to young entrepreneurs. Indicators of Mike Bour’s success are evident as most of the entrepreneurs the factory has worked with have been continuously developing and making positive marks in the world of business.


According to Mike Bour, for one to be a successful entrepreneur they have to make things happen becuase in the business field nothing is coincidental. He added that his previous career in the banking field enabled him acquire skills concerning investments and also management of funds. This made it possible for him to successfully establish the Swiss Startup Factory. He also said that in order for an entrepreneur to win big in the business world, risk taking is compulsory.


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