Without Eric Lefkofsky Tempus Wouldnt Be Where It Is Today

Tempus, A startup technology/cancer research company located in the city of Chicago makes it a mission to care for cancer patients and their loved ones before anything else. Tempus Labs can care for cancer patients and their loved ones just by simply doing their research for molecular data in order to personalize cancer treatment options but they go the extra mile by hiring enough employees so there is someone there to answer patients questions and help them find the information they are looking for whenever it arises. Tempus Labs has been around for a little over two years now and they have come further in their research than any other cancer data research company has.

Not only is Tempus good caring for their patients and their patients loved ones by being there around the clock to answer any questions that arise in their patients head but they also are good at finding ways to improve cancer research in order to help doctors who specialize in cancer treatment to rid their patients of the nasty illness in which cancer really it. Tempus makes it possible for people to continue to live their lives not only by making them happy but by keeping them healthy. Having data from previous patients can potentially stop another patient with similar demographics having to go through a treatment that might not work very well for them but instead put them on a cancer treatment plan that will work excellent for them.

Eric Lefkofsky Co-founder of Tempus and Founder of Lefkofsky Family Foundation alongside his wife Liz Lefkofsky has a goal in life to spend as much of his time as he can finding ways to enhance the lives of humans so that they can live healthier, longer, happier lives. Lefkofsky has been a big help in raising money for Tempus so they can continue to provide data research for people struggling with cancer and their loved ones involved too. Lefkofsky recently helped Tempus raise 80 million dollars towards research and in total has helped Tempus Labs raise over 200 million dollars towards cancer research of molecular data.

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