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José Henrique Borghi has announced that Name of Mullen Lowe Group is soon going to change into Mullen Lowe Brazil as part of the name migration to a brand new identity. In addition to this new name, Mullen Lowe, a new leadership announced as well. VP of Mullen Lowe Group promoted as co-CEO of Brazilian operation, with present CEO, José Henrique. In conjunction with this name change and change in leadership, Mullen Lowe has decided to close its Brasília office, focusing on Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offices.

The promotion of co-CEO André Gomes expects him efficiently manage the agency’s operation and prove to the management that their destination of promoting him the right one. José focusing on innovation and creativity and André Gomes looking over operations will be an ideal combination and will help Mullen Lowe to grow with even more rapid pace.

The announcement for a change of name from MLG to Mullen Lowe made by IPG (Interpublic) on May 8, which combined the US agency Mullen and the international network Lowe and Partners to be on under the umbrella of the Mullen Lowe Group. The plan for all agencies is to migrate to this new brand, Mullen Lowe, by making Brazil as a primary main hub for MLG network.

José Henrique Borghi has become more famous in national/international advertising festivals after getting numerous national/global awards in advertisement sector. Even though in his childhood, he wasn’t involved in media and market-related things but his fate once takes him to Castro Neves Theater, and there he found out that advertisement is his cup of tea. And then he started working very hard to achieve his goal to become a top advertiser in whole Brazil, and he achieved it with his dedication, hard work and his smart approach toward his goals.

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