How Hard Work Paid Off for EOS

EOS lip balm is a product that you might own, like many other women. After all, it is now the second top-selling lip balm on the market, beating Chapstick, the lip balm champ for more than 100 years. It’s quiet amazing to hear the EOS story, and how they quickly changed the beauty care industry, but it’s an inspiring story that can help you learn anything is possible when you strive for success.

EOS is short for Evolution of Smooth. This company began selling their lip balm just seven years ago, after getting their start at a Walgreens pharmacy, followed by Walmart , then Target. The brand had big dreams, and great concepts, and when those were put together, the cool, trendy, and awesome lip balm improved until it became a common household product.

EOS listened to the people. Chapstick hadn’t made any changes in the 100-years they’d been around, and frankly, women were tired of the limited choices and the boring balm. Women wanted a lip balm that was free of harmful ingredients and toxins, because Chapstick failed them in this department, too. And, they wanted flavors and trend; a product that would enhance their cool.

EOS designed an orb contained of flavorful lip balm that impressed women. The balm is made with natural ingredients, so it is parabens-free. And, you’ll get your choice of eight different fun flavors, like Vanilla Bean or Pomegranate Raspberry. Best of all, EOS lip balms deliver the smoothness that you want from your lip balm, at a cost that won’t send you into shock.

EOS changed the lip balm world for the better. They made great strides in the beauty care world by listening to customers, and creating the product they wanted. And, so quickly that technique paid off for the brand.

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Are You Looking for A Reliable Company for Your Advertising Needs?

José Henrique Borghi has announced that Name of Mullen Lowe Group is soon going to change into Mullen Lowe Brazil as part of the name migration to a brand new identity. In addition to this new name, Mullen Lowe, a new leadership announced as well. VP of Mullen Lowe Group promoted as co-CEO of Brazilian operation, with present CEO, José Henrique. In conjunction with this name change and change in leadership, Mullen Lowe has decided to close its Brasília office, focusing on Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offices.

The promotion of co-CEO André Gomes expects him efficiently manage the agency’s operation and prove to the management that their destination of promoting him the right one. José focusing on innovation and creativity and André Gomes looking over operations will be an ideal combination and will help Mullen Lowe to grow with even more rapid pace.

The announcement for a change of name from MLG to Mullen Lowe made by IPG (Interpublic) on May 8, which combined the US agency Mullen and the international network Lowe and Partners to be on under the umbrella of the Mullen Lowe Group. The plan for all agencies is to migrate to this new brand, Mullen Lowe, by making Brazil as a primary main hub for MLG network.

José Henrique Borghi has become more famous in national/international advertising festivals after getting numerous national/global awards in advertisement sector. Even though in his childhood, he wasn’t involved in media and market-related things but his fate once takes him to Castro Neves Theater, and there he found out that advertisement is his cup of tea. And then he started working very hard to achieve his goal to become a top advertiser in whole Brazil, and he achieved it with his dedication, hard work and his smart approach toward his goals.

To watch video by Jose click here.

The Lip Balm Startup That’s Shaking the World

Everyone has seen the little round pods of lip balm in the checkout line or the makeup aisle. They bear the initials “EOS” on the labels and on the bottom of the pods. How did this startup become such a popular product?

The company – Evolution of Smooth, or EOS for short – had a rather rough beginning. Since the pods are designed for female customers instead of male customers, some stores were hesitant to start selling EOS. Many of the initial meetings to get the product on the shelves were held with men. These people didn’t “get” the whole idea of a new chap stick since they were to be loyal for the years-old giants in the stores already.

It wasn’t until a female Walgreens representative met with founders Sanjiv Mehra, Johnathon Teller, and Craig Dubitsky (who left EOS before it was on the shelves to help another startup company) that EOS got a chance at stardom. She loved the little spheres of lip balm immediately, and opened an account with them.

From there, it was all up to the advertising. Instead of simply relying on the same old kind of advertising that the giants had gotten away with, EOS lip balm took their advertisements in a new direction. They still advertised in magazines like the giants, but they were marketing on Facebook towards Target millennial females – those who fall between 25 and 35 years old. This meant getting smart with other kind of advertisements. Before the company could become a real competitor, they had to get involved with actresses and celebrities that millennial would know. Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift – among others – would whip EOS pods out of their makeup bags and speak for the company in various countries.

Today, they outsell other companies known for chapsticks.


Meet Adam Goldenberg, the CEO Who Uses Tech to Sell Fashion

If you do not know the name Adam Goldenberg by now, then you have an idea of the brains behind the rising franchise JustFab. Built in LA recently named him as one of the top 3 LA CEOs you should have on speed dial. And CNBC was recently wowed by his ingenious approach in marketing his cloth line.

Interview with CNBC

Adam is the co-owner of JustFab alongside his campus friend and long-time business partner Don Ressler. In his interview with CNBC, Mr. Goldenberg officially announced that JustFab was rebranding and will now be known as TechStyle Fashion Company. This new name, as Adam commented, is in line with his company’s vision of tapping into the future of fashion through technology.

TechStyle is one of the few companies, and probably the market leader that leverages on tech to build their brand. They have an online VIP membership with over 1 million subscribers for their fashion line. This immense success doesn’t come as a surprise given Adam and his co-CEO are always in the spirit of winning.

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Adam’s entrepreneurial journey

Built in LA chronicles his rise into the fashion industry as an ambitious Techpreneur from the Silicon Valley. Before venturing into the fashion apparels, Adam Goldenberg’s first venture was a gaming company, Network Gamers Alliance, which enjoyed 2 years of success before he sold it to Intermix Media. He later launched a second company, Intelligent Beauty, which was a pilot incubator that not only sold health products but also researched the various gaps in the beauty and fashion industry.

It is from these giant leaps that JustFab, now TechStyle, was found, tapping into a pre-existing market that rival companies had often overlooked. TechStyle’s biggest strength is leveraging on the internet to push their products closer to the consumer. Most of the brand campaigns are launched online with a flexible membership program that benefits the client the more they buy.

TechStyle the future of fashion

Today TechStyle enjoys its break even, being able to fund most of their project without heavy reliance on angel investments. But raising funds is worth mentioning in Adam Goldenberg’s story, him and his business partner managed to raise over $55 million which they used to launch JustFab. TechStyle’s celebrity status membership is currently enjoyed in several states in the US, and over 5 countries worldwide.

How they win is quite simple; through technology they listen to customer feedback and make amends with the information they gather. This way, they are able to make projections on the future of fashion and avoid obsolete inventories by producing only what their millions of subscribers want.

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