Neurocore On the Fight against Depression

Neurocore is a private health, wellness and fitness company founded in the 2004. It has its headquarters in the United States. It specializes in several programs aimed at aiding children and adult to better their concentration, sleep and management of stress.

These programs include Automic Nervous System Diagnostic and Regulation, Attention Testing, Heart Rate Variability Training and NeuroFeedback. Neurocare has continued to quickly emerge into being a national authority in applied neuroscience. It has nine brain performance centers situated in Florida and Michigan.

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Depression facts

Neurocore’s eight important facts about depression are a must read. They are as below:

  1. Depression can develop even without external factors

Even with several factors leading to depression, one has a higher chance of getting depressed if they have just gone through a stressful event or life. Researches relate depression to a biological factor.

  1. Depression disorder exists in different types and forms

Common types include major depressive disorder, Persistent type, Postpartum type and the Seasonal Affective type.

  1. Depression’s signs and symptoms are never obvious

Symptoms of depression varies from individual to individual.

  1. Depression comes with a physical effect on the body

Images from studies on the brain reports that the circuits and structure of the brain work differently whenever one is undergoing depression. Follow Neurocore on

  1. Suicide is rampant in cases of depression

Some feel as if death is the only way out from hopelessness and numbness. In 2014, there were a total of 42,773 suicides.

  1. Depression is the leads in disability among ages 15 – 44

Depression tends to intrude on people’s lives. In the U.S depression ranks among the top workplace issues.

  1. Depression research faces financial crisis

In as much as lives are lost due to depression, its research sector only gets 1/100 of the funds that breast cancer is given every year.

  1. All cases of depression can be treated

With the right amount of education and exposure, stigma around mental health disorders can be ended.

The treatment

Neurocore brain Performance Center help in curing depression disorder by the use of their valuable resources including the Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have been in the field for quite some time and have managed to successfully help thousands of patients suffering from mental illnesses.