José Auriemo Neto: Education Is Power

It can be hard to see the traces of history that are evident in the power of a country. Whenever you spend your time outside you may not notice, but at one time the buildings and industries that you see around you were not there. It took the innovation and creative ability in addition to the hard work of many people to make the world the way that it is today.

In Brazil, there is a corporation which is known as JHSF Participações. Today it is one of the nation’s leading real estate development agencies. However, it was not always that way. Two brothers originally founded JHSF Participações. These brothers wanted to create a simple construction company in order to help support their families. However, it did not take long after the inception of their company that the brothers realize that they both shared something. They both had a desire for something greater. They both wanted more. With the combined desire and vision that they shared they were able to forge a real estate development agency from their simple construction company. JHSF Participações quickly became a powerful real estate development agency in the nation of Brazil.

At the age of 27, José Auriemo Neto was able to take the role as both Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation. He had gone to college at the University of South Holland and was able to identify several key areas that the corporation had not yet targeted which it would be able to generate significant profits and. Under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto JHSF Participações created one of the nations mall systems. Not only did it create a mall system in the country but it was also able to become one of the nation’s first publicly traded real estate development agencies under his leadership.

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How Many Descriptions Tony Petrello? Philanthropist, Lawyer, Business Executive Or Mathematician?

Growing up as extroverted and outspoken young man in the public schools of Newark, New Jersey, Tony Petrello was a humorous person. Exhibiting brilliant mathematical abilities at high school, he was offered a scholarship at Yale University working with the famed number theorist and mathematician Serge Lang. Tony undertook his bachelor’s degree and masters in mathematics at the university.

In a strange twist, instead of following a mathematical career, after Yale, he enrolled at Harvard Law School to the surprise of Serge Lang and others. Partly, this move could have been influenced by this boisterous personality unlike the quiet academic life of a mathematician which seemed less appealing.

In 1979 he joined Baker & McKenzie law firm taking a specialty in taxation and arbitration where he excelled. This experience helped him to gain relevant knowledge about how business and law interact and the intersection points. He became Baker & McKenzie managing partner for their New York office in 1986 until 1991. During this period, Tony Petrello crossed paths with one of the firm’s clients, Nabors Industries.

His professionalism left a good impression on this client especially his analysis powers and efforts. Out of this, Nabors tried to hire him severally. Their lobby efforts were fruitful in 1991 when Tony Petrello agreed to join Nabors as the Chief Operations Officer, and later a member of the executive committee and a member of the board of directors. His business expansion approach led to the purchase of Grace Drilling for $32 million in 1993. A larger transaction came in 2010 when Nabors Industries acquired Superior Well Services.

In 2011, Tony became the CEO of Nabors Industries before being named the chairman of both the board of directors and executive committee. He has undertaken the company through significant deals such as the streamline flow of production with C&J Energy in 2014, and the KazMunay-Gas in Kazakhstan in 2015. In 2016 Tony Petrello led Nabors Industries in a joint venture with Saudi Aramco called the SANAD. Saudi Aramco is the biggest oil producer in the world with a market value of over $10 trillion.

Moreover, Tony Petrello has a big heart and is a known philanthropist towards research efforts for neurological efforts affecting children. Together with his wife Cynthia, they have donated more than $7 million towards Texas Children’s Hospital’s Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute. This follows their developmental disability of their daughter who has cerebral palsy. They hope science and research can avail a hope through treatment methods for parents with such kids including their own.

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The Unique Achievement Of Tony Petrello

Not so many people in the corporate executive world will have the fascinating story that Tony Petrello has. In the beginning, he grew up in Newark, New Jersey in an environment that was a working-class one, to the time he started running the land based drilling company that was largest in the world. Tony Petrello was also involved with the research that was being carried out by the global neurological disease that he did by giving them fund worth hundreds of millions. From the time the career path of Petrello started, it is filled with one success after another and turns of fate.

In saying that the career path of tony has been one of great success is an understatement. In 2015, he was among the CEOs in the US that were highly compensated due to the fact of the tenure as he worked at the global oil company as the CEO. The success the Tony got extended far not only the achievement that he had achieved at Nabors, that has been the reason why he is successful today. The things that have led to the success that he has met today is that Tony Petrello has skills like creative thinking, hard work, that has been the roots of the successful career that he has.

Before him joining Nabors, he started his career at Baker and McKenzie in 1979, a significant law firm that was based in America. In the firm, his specialization was taxation, business law, and arbitration. He was working with one client called Company Nabors industry. With each client that he worked with he made sure that he created a lasting impression, and he did that with Nabors too. Dues to the impression that he made to the company it didn’t go unnoticed and that’s what leads to the position that he got in the firm. It was in the firm that he realized that there was an intersection between law and finances in a way that was thrilling and fascinating which gained his interest.

The manager of Nabors got so impressed with that services that they got from Tony, and they started to make moves to hire him for themselves. Soon it paid off because Tony joined Nabors to offer his services as the executive. In 1986 he left the firm to go at New York division where he was the managing partner of Nabors. He provided his services in that role for a while after fate leads him to another path.

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OSI Group Expands Its Service Portfolio

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group, one of the recognized companies dealing with meat processing. Formerly known as OSI Industries Inc., the company has remained the global leader in supplying food products including beef patties and sausage links. OSI Group supplies quality products to its clients across Europe and North America.

Expansion of the company

OSI Group began its expansion strategy in the 1970s when it decided to set its facilities in different countries. When Sheldon took over the company in the 1980s, he had the vision of expanding the firm in order to become the global leader in the distribution and processing of meat. True to his wish, the company currently has over 50 facilities in 17 different countries to ensure that the demands of its consumers are met. Through the excellent leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group is expanding in China thanks to its global efficiency and local solution strategy.

Explaining the Strategy to Expand

In an interview held by Ceocfointerviews, the company leader stated that OSI Group has been leading the meat processing industry for a long time. He outlined that OSI Group’s culture of innovation has been the major contributing factor of success. Sheldon Lavin aims to continue expanding the company in the coming years to serve even a greater population.


Through his enterprising stewardship and innovative abilities, Lavin has managed to lead OSI Group through series of acquisition to enhance growth and expansion. The company acquired Baho Foods which also deals with the production of meat and convenience foods. Baho has itself established across the European market with 5 subsidiaries that enhance its distribution. Since the acquisition of the company, OSI Group has enhanced its top leadership in the European market, making Sheldon Lavin to receive the Global Visionary Award.

OSI Acquires Baho Food

Recently, the company purchased Flagship Europe from Denver’s Flagship Food Group. The Group has been the leading supplier in broad range of products including frozen poultry, pies, sauce, mayonnaise, and souse ride products. Furthermore, OSI Group extended its acquisition to the UK-based Calder Foods which supplies marinades, mayonnaise, dips, and sandwich filings for the food-to-go division.


Sheldon continues to spur growth at OSI Group which is expected to achieve even more success. Because of its performance, Forbes had listed the company as the 58th on its American listing of largest private companies. The company boasts of supplying the best meat products thereby meeting the demands of the consumers.

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Aloha Construction: More Than A General Contractor

Have you ever heard of a general-contracting company named Aloha Construction? If you haven’t heard, then you’re probably not residing in the Illinois area. This company has taking the game of home renovation to the next level. Of course, it provides great services such as:

• Soffit Installation
• Roof Cleaning
• Masonry
• Flashing
• Window Fascia Repair
• Stucco Installation
• Door Installation
• Bathroom Repair
• Waterproofing
• And more

This small list is designed to give you a better understanding of the company in general. Aloha Construction started out by specializing in roofing and specializing in siding installation. It’s team of talented technicians have also been rigorously trained at the prominent Vinyl Siding Institute. That’s right! As business began to grow at an unprecedented rate, the company’s actual size had to grow in order to keep pace with the demand. Over 200 individuals are employed here. The company has its headquarters in Lake Zurich, Illinois, but its secondary office is in Bloomington, Illinois. Aloha Construction also stands out from the competition because of its 10-year craftsmanship warranty. To add some insult to injury, the company has an effective nine-step inspection process, which gives the technicians a better since of the home’s current issues. This is progressive and effective actions.

What specific areas are receiving service? Since the company has experienced a major growth-spurt, it has been able to reach many more regions than before. As of today, Aloha Construction serves Southern Wisconsin as well as Illinois. Some of the municipalities that receive services are Grayslake, lake Villa, Morton, Libertyville, Round Lake, Vernon Hills, Pekin, Wauconda, Normal, Mahomet, Tazewell, Washington and others. Aloha Construction is certainly living up to the hype, and it will continue to break more industry barriers.

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How Global Company OSI Group Works On A Local Level

One thing that is commonly said is that even multinational companies are local in nature. No company can use the same approach for every market when things are so different when comparing places like the United States, China, and Europe. Many factors come into play including government regulations and cultural nuances that need to be respected. Another thing that companies involved in the food industry need to address on a local basis is differences in taste buds as people in different cultures appreciate different flavors.

One company in the food industry that tackles issues like this is OSI Group, LLC. They sell processed food products around the world. Their President, David McDonald, has said that even though this company is global in nature they have in place local management teams to handle each market in which it operates. He said that although OSI Group has the power of operating on a global scale the efficiency they operate under is due to working on a local level.

Based in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group in one of the largest privately held companies in the world. They create processed food which is sold to their customers, which are restaurant and grocery store chains. They supply a large variety of food, although their specialty is with value-added protein products. Beyond that they supply pizza, sandwiches, condiments, dressings, and much more beyond that.

In 2016, OSI Group expanded its presence in the Chicago area. Tyson Foods had a 200,000 square foot food processing plant which they were closing. OSI Group took the opportunity to purchase this facility, although how much they paid wasn’t publicly revealed. The purchase resulted in most of the employees that were to lose their jobs instead being hired by OSI Group.

Over the years OSI Group has won many awards due to its environmental stewardship and care for the environment. In 2016 they received the Globe of Honour Award. This was given to them by the British Safety Council which handed this award out to only 18 businesses that year. The award was given due to their management of environmental risks.

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The Desiree Perez Effect

Desiree Perez is definitely a name that people are hearing a lot when it comes to Roc Nation. She has done a great amount of work with Roc Nation Sports, and she also has quite a name at Roc Nation entertainment. Desiree Perez has been holding things down for Jay-Z as a great leader that is taking control when it comes to negotiating contracts. This is what is known for in Roc Nation circles, and the word is starting to get out about just how good she is with what she does.

Desiree Perez is the wife of Juan Perez, and this is a longtime friend of Jay-Z. Desiree Perez has a great working relationship with Jay-Z as well because she is in a powerhouse position with Roc Nation because she leads the people that are on this roster.When it comes to negotiating contracts she is the woman to see. She is also working with Jay-Z to get contract negotiations for Live Nation concerts as well. All of these things are clear signs of just how much Desiree Perez is interested in building up Roc Nation to be a powerhouse in entertainment.

Perez knows a lot of entertainers, and she has become a great source of knowledge when it comes to the things not to do when it comes to getting the contract finalized. She knows what an artist can be worth when it comes to advertising and marketing, and she always puts in the time to get the best contract for the artist that are part of Roc Nation. She doesn’t believe in short-changing artists, and she doesn’t want any artist to shortchange themselves. Desiree Perez knows what she is doing, and she has made a lot of great strides with her plans to help others get big contracts.

First Equites Financial

First at least financial holdings first open the doors for business in the year 2000 to make another main goal to help people big and small me their financial goals for the future. The company has made it a tradition and part of the culture everyone who is in the financial scholarship. The company has a long history of helping people. Have you had worked up over $1.4 billion in fines over the course of his business. The company provides a variety of different financial options for people who choose to work with them for stars they offered stock trading stock tips for people need help with purchasing and recommendations are in stocks to buy they also offer loans and order the part is all stocks the offer budgeting and planning for saving for college or retirement. The company is all over the world and according to their CEO the plan to continue to expand.

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Investing with Agora Financial Literature as Your Guide

Investors have so many choices to make when it comes to investing. Most people that are investing on a regular basis will find that there are a wide number of investment options to consider. Some people do not know what companies are worth investing in. For these types of organizations it is clear that guidance is needed before an decision is made. That is why Agora a Financial has become a leader in this investing literature area. People need this type of literature to make educated decisions, and Agora Financial is helping those people that may have never thought that they could make a worthwhile investment.

The good thing about companies like Agora Financial is that it does not depend on one single source for information. This is a company that has a wide spectrum of professionals that have a bountiful amount of experience when it comes to investing. Getting information to make better decisions is what investing is all about. The smart investors are going to be the ones that take the time to analyze situations based on the research that has been done.

Most of the investors do not have the time to sit down and spend hours looking at what companies have been doing from one quarter to the next. They need experts that have time to do this on a regular basis. Agora Financial is just a company that has these type of investors that can help with research.

It’s not always about putting everything into Investments that are considered to be hot stock tips. Sometimes it is much more so about the slow growth companies that people have not discovered yet. This is what investors for Agora Financial can do. They can lead people to those slow growth companies that will soon be on the.

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Recap of ‘Freedom Debt Relief’ Testimonials

Being debt-free feels good. It is not anybody’s wish to be indebted in the huge debts that people sometimes find themselves in. Debt also causes a lot of people poor physical and mental degradation, hence requires some strategic interventions to help debtors come out of the mess. An example of organizations helping people transform their lives by relieving them off their debts is Freedom Debt Relief (FDR).

‘Wait a second’, you might say. ‘There are lots of such organizations out there which do not live up to their promise’. Well, that is true, but that does not mean that there are not genuine ones really willing and able to help, and Freedom Debt Relief boasts to be one of them. If anything, many people who have been helped by Freedom Debt Relief have come out to testify of the whole experience by partnering with Freedom Debt Relief. Let’s learn from two of them.


Shirley happens to be one in many people out there who have developed a mistrust to almost any company. After all, it is these same companies that dupe people into believing that they will benefit from them, only to later land in debt. “I am not a trusting person. Shirley conducted her own research and confirmed that the company was “for real”.

After finding out about Freedom Debt Relief, Shirley said that she hesitantly tried Freedom Debt Relief, but later realized that it was actually a genuine organization. Shirley also attests to a good experience she had with FDR. She also said that she has never worked with group nicer than FDR. Before FDR came along for Shirley, she had believed that there is no way out of the debt she was deeply tangled in. Finally, Shirley has one company that she can love and put her trust in.

As for Richard, the relief he has gotten from freedom from debt is overwhelming. But even more relieving for Richard is that finally he does not have to deal directly with his creditors. Richard goes ahead to explain how FDR has made his life happier and simpler, especially through their system, where Freedom Debt Relief deals with his creditors on his behalf. For example, whenever he receives invoice, he simply forwards it to Freedom Debt Relief to handle the case. Richard then sums up by calling to everyone with similar debt issue to his to resolve their problem through FDR.

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There you go folks, you have heard it from genuine beneficiaries talking about a genuine company. It now is probably high time you resolved your debt, and giving FDR a call might be the first step.