Duda Melzer, Taking on Great Challenges

Duda Sirotsky Melzer is a well-accomplished business leader in Brazil. His specialty of communications and media are the background of not only himself but his family as well. Duda’s recognition as a leader is recognized by his recent promotion to CEO of his family’s media business RBS Group. According to Acaert, he also started e.Bricks Digital in 2012 to assist startups in the field of digital media. The company has since funded over 300 million to businesses through venture capital and private equity projects. Duda Melzer has also invested in the largest wine supplier in Brazil as well as a contemporary art show in his hometown.

Duda’s success is the result of not only experience but high-quality education as well. He attended college in Brazil and received a bachelor’s degree. He branched out to earn an MBA at Harvard University. Duda Melzer is still an active part of Harvard, as he has taken professional courses pertaining to his career endeavors. He met some of the most influential people he knows at Harvard, including 2 mentors. Duda’s belief that family is the backbone of his business has been evident since his college days, as his coursework is geared toward that specialization.

Duda has received many awards as a result of his efforts. Among these awards are recognition from Ernst and Young as a leading family based business entrepreneur. Other awards include recognition from many sources for his exceptional leadership and management skills. In a report by Clicrbs, he’s also a leader and awards winner at the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

Duda Melzer is without a doubt a family man. He loves the sport of racing and has three children. His family also has a foundation designated to helping at-risk children and teens in Brazil. The company uses its advantage of being a communications company to spread the word to a lot of people. Helping those in need through projects like “love is the best inheritance,” help those in need with exceptional challenges.

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