Beneful Commercials Dogs Speak Up

Conversations by dogs are the running theme in Beneful brand dog food commercials. When questioned about their favorite characteristics of the food they enjoy eating, dogs reply with quirky and fun responses. The owners discuss the features of the dry dog food that entices them to purchase and feed it to their dogs. One of the most prevalently loved features is that meat is the number one ingredient in all of the Beneful’s dog foods. Whether dogs owners are feeding them the Beneful originals product line or the Beneful healthy weight line, beef and chicken are always the number one ingredient. The dogs absolutely love this and gobble up their meals. Some dogs even try to stick their heads in the kibble bags while their owners are filling their bowls. The all natural ingredients that comprise Beneful dog food give dogs like Einstein and Riley the energy they need to maintain their happy, healthy and active life styles. Einstein loves jumping and chasing birds and his owner Becky says that she notices an increase in the amount of energy that Einstein has after eating his beefy Beneful originals dry dog food. The dogs are just happy that they are getting the essential vitamins and nutrients that their body’s need and that the flavor and quality is never sacrificed. Riley’s mom loves that his healthy weight food has fewer calories but is just as filling and healthy as the originals formula. Beneful dog food is full of goodness dogs love.