Donald Scott NYC: Freedom in Styling

In the past the only options for cutting hair were shears or clippers, neither working to create a more organic looking style. Donald Scott NYC, innovator in hair styling, has created several tools that changed the way hair is cut. We all remember those cuts that ended up looking chunky, especially if your hair was thick and straight.


Where scissors leave a blunt edge to each hair shaft, a razor leaves a tapered end. Though straight razors have been used for a while they were less than ideal and frequently took too much hair. Donald Scott NYC’s tools allow for a freedom and spontaneity in styling, using totally different techniques, motions, and the hair is even handled in a new way.


Donald Scott NYC has several razor tools to choose from. Two of which are the Swivel Twist and the Carving Comb. Both are comb-like tools that have the razor incorporated within the teeth. The Swivel Twist removes 25% of the hair, while the Carving Comb gives two options, 50% or 100%. For shorter cuts and men’s styles the Swivel Twist is perfect for shaping, while the Carving Comb works for all hair types and leaves the hair without distinct layers.