Eric Pulier: A Born Entrepreneur, Generous Philanthropist, and Author

Eric Pulier is a personality who wonders everyone around him with his innate skills that he showcased from childhood. He is a born entrepreneur, committed philanthropist, author, public speaker, columnist, and amazing technologist. Pulier is credited with many tech startups that introduced some innovative technology products to the industry. He started showing his interests to tech skills when he was at fourth-grade and started programming computers. Before completing his high school education, Pulier founded his first tech startup – a database firm.



In later days of his entrepreneurial career, he established XPrize, a company which is pushing people to put their fullest potential to achieve what they dreamt, in return, the firm incentivizes them by prizes, assistance programs, and more. Akana is another great startup by him, and it is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) software program vendor founded in 2001. Pulier followed an aggressive strategy of acquiring many SOA providers in the later years. He sold them firm finally to Rogue Wave Software in 2016 after making it as a compelling in SOA solutions vendor. Pulier is also the founder of many other startups including Media Platform, Desktone, People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, and more.



He is also an influential personality in terms of philanthropy as he is a contributor to many non-profit organizations. His XPrize Foundations is a major driver in charitable works which are focused on shaping the skills of people. Pulier is also on the boards of The Painted Turtle, a camp set up for children with chronic illness. He supplies both money and time for the non-profit as he also serves as the VP of cloud operations of it. Pulier also collaborated with Starbright World Foundation, which is offering technology, entertainment, and education to the critically ill children. He helped the foundation to set up Starbright World, a social media platform to connect chronically diseased teenagers.



With his in-depth knowledge of SOA, Eric Pulier wrote a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA. He was also a columnist for Forbes. Eric completed his graduation in American literature and English from Harvard University before starting his entrepreneurial career. During his Harvard days, Pulier was the editor and wrote many columns in the student newspaper of the University called The Harvard Crimson.