The OSI Group History

Currently, OSI Group is the biggest food suppliers in the world’s Group has over 20,000 workers that are determined to offer customers with the best services. Today, they operate in seventeen countries across the globe. The company started as single premises, but today it has grown to be one of the significant corporate business in the history of the American economy. The company is still growing in the current modern world.

OSI Group started as the results of the experience from the American Immigrant. Otto Kolschowsky founded the company as a family-owned meat market and butcher shop in the Chicago. When the First World War was ending, Kolschowsky improved the premises to be the wholesale type of business. This includes locating shops in other parts of Chicago suburb, Maywood. In the year 1928, the name changed to Otto & sons.

In the year 1955, the first McDonalds restaurant started its operations in Illinois.OSI company began to supply fresh Ground Beef to McDonald restaurant. As MacDonald hotels continued to expand over the world, OSI company was given the mandate to supply to these restaurants.

During the late 1960s, there was technology advancement that leads to more effective and affordable services being offered by Otto & sons. This resulted to the close relationship between the McDonalds and Otto & Sons. The first plant was built in 1973 to supply only to MacDonald product only.

OSI Group opened its first facility outside Chicago in the year 1977 in West Jordan. Afterward, the company continued to expand in parts of North America. Lavin became the CEO of OSI Group in the year 1980s; he had vast experience in the areas of investment and leadership. Under the leadership of Leavin, the company was ranked as one of the best companies in the United States.

The company continues to grow in close partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods that was started in 1994. A new plant was established in Oakland, Lowa that majored in the production of Sausage, Beacon, and hot dogs. Poultry processing project was launched in early 2000; the project was facilitated by the acquisition of the U.K.-Company Moy Park.

In the year 2010 OSI Group opened a beef production in Japan, later its expanded to Asia-pacific. New facilities were started in India in 2012.The company acquired the full control of Baho Food’s Group has made tremendous steps in achieving its success over the years,

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José Auriemo Neto: Education Is Power

It can be hard to see the traces of history that are evident in the power of a country. Whenever you spend your time outside you may not notice, but at one time the buildings and industries that you see around you were not there. It took the innovation and creative ability in addition to the hard work of many people to make the world the way that it is today.

In Brazil, there is a corporation which is known as JHSF Participações. Today it is one of the nation’s leading real estate development agencies. However, it was not always that way. Two brothers originally founded JHSF Participações. These brothers wanted to create a simple construction company in order to help support their families. However, it did not take long after the inception of their company that the brothers realize that they both shared something. They both had a desire for something greater. They both wanted more. With the combined desire and vision that they shared they were able to forge a real estate development agency from their simple construction company. JHSF Participações quickly became a powerful real estate development agency in the nation of Brazil.

At the age of 27, José Auriemo Neto was able to take the role as both Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation. He had gone to college at the University of South Holland and was able to identify several key areas that the corporation had not yet targeted which it would be able to generate significant profits and. Under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto JHSF Participações created one of the nations mall systems. Not only did it create a mall system in the country but it was also able to become one of the nation’s first publicly traded real estate development agencies under his leadership.

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Eric Lefkofsky And The Technology Of Tempus

Tempus is a company that specializes in the technology of battling cancer. It’s Co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky, has a strong desire to attack, from a scientific standpoint, the very disease that has ravaged so many people. He has a supportive team who has the same visions and goals. They have joined together in the fight to help as many cancer patients as they can through research.

Eric Lefkofsky is the head of many other companies that are extremely successful. But none have the heart of Eric Lefkofsky like this particular research organization. Eric Lefkofsky actually had a dream that sparked his strong convictions about creating a place where scientist and medical researchers would freely be able to search for cures for the various forms of cancer.

They secured a place where all types of data could be used and stored to help patients who were affected by this deadly disease. And there has been some success. The information gathered helps some patients have a better quality of life. Other patients are able to extend time with their loved ones because of the research and results discovered at Tempus. There is still a long way to go, as many new strands of cancer continuously surface. But the physicians, scientist and research teams are determined to use all of their knowledge to help find a cure for cancer in all forms. The medical community and other organizations have encouraged Eric Lefkofsky and the Tempus Technology Company with grants and funding to continue their works and research studies.

Just as new strands of the cancer disease surface, so does more people that come to support the cause of the cure for cancer. From our universities and colleges, more students are joining the cause. We are expecting even greater discoveries for the Tempus Company. And we salute Eric Lefkofsky and The Technology of Tempus that is present to provide the medical community with data that supports any cure for any strand of cancer.

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Ted Bauman, And Jeff Yastine Great Contributions to Banyan Hill Publishing

Imagine a world of total wealth freedom. A world where you a little bit more about financial trends, stock prices and companies that have stocks that are worth pennies now but would be worth a couple of a hundred dollars in a few years. Just imagine if you could create a time machine and find out all that. Would it be so lovely and how much would you sell that information for?

This is a list of imagination that every person that wants to invest in the stock market or any other type of investment has. However, Banyan Hills Publishing Company is making this imagination a little bit of a reality. View Jeff’s profile on

The company that was founded in 1998 is doing this by gathering some of the best financial minds out there. First called Sovereign Society changed its name in 2016 to achieve just that. It now gives it’s over 400,000 subscribers a dish of expert advice on topics such as asset protection, investment, and entrepreneurship. The publishing company has branded itself as the Banyan tree, offering support to American during financial storms. One of the branches that help create the canopy for the American subscribers is Jeff Yastine.

Jeff Yastine is a graduate of the University of Florida, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication where he majored in an electronic journal. He has worked in different media companies.

Jeff’s life as a journalist started in PBS where he climbed up the ranks to be a senior correspondent of Night Business Report. He left this post in November 2010 and joined Oxford club LLC Baltimore where he served as the Editorial Director. Jeff Yastine career path led him to Newsmax Media Inc. He was the director of the financial director. He held this post until 2015 when he left to join Banyan Hill publishers as an editorial director.


In the current capacity as an editorial director in Banyan Hill publisher, he writes on the topic to do with economics, business, and monetary trends. He does this in the financial newsletter, Total Wealth Insider which he personally leads a team to give the best advice to its subscribers. The newsletters value itself in giving the American people comparably low priced shares that provide high value in return and lack undue risks. Jeff Yastine has made this newsletter become one of the top performing financial newsletters in the United States. Maybe, this time he might be nominated for another Emmy Award for the great work he has done. Follow Jeff Yastine on

How Many Descriptions Tony Petrello? Philanthropist, Lawyer, Business Executive Or Mathematician?

Growing up as extroverted and outspoken young man in the public schools of Newark, New Jersey, Tony Petrello was a humorous person. Exhibiting brilliant mathematical abilities at high school, he was offered a scholarship at Yale University working with the famed number theorist and mathematician Serge Lang. Tony undertook his bachelor’s degree and masters in mathematics at the university.

In a strange twist, instead of following a mathematical career, after Yale, he enrolled at Harvard Law School to the surprise of Serge Lang and others. Partly, this move could have been influenced by this boisterous personality unlike the quiet academic life of a mathematician which seemed less appealing.

In 1979 he joined Baker & McKenzie law firm taking a specialty in taxation and arbitration where he excelled. This experience helped him to gain relevant knowledge about how business and law interact and the intersection points. He became Baker & McKenzie managing partner for their New York office in 1986 until 1991. During this period, Tony Petrello crossed paths with one of the firm’s clients, Nabors Industries.

His professionalism left a good impression on this client especially his analysis powers and efforts. Out of this, Nabors tried to hire him severally. Their lobby efforts were fruitful in 1991 when Tony Petrello agreed to join Nabors as the Chief Operations Officer, and later a member of the executive committee and a member of the board of directors. His business expansion approach led to the purchase of Grace Drilling for $32 million in 1993. A larger transaction came in 2010 when Nabors Industries acquired Superior Well Services.

In 2011, Tony became the CEO of Nabors Industries before being named the chairman of both the board of directors and executive committee. He has undertaken the company through significant deals such as the streamline flow of production with C&J Energy in 2014, and the KazMunay-Gas in Kazakhstan in 2015. In 2016 Tony Petrello led Nabors Industries in a joint venture with Saudi Aramco called the SANAD. Saudi Aramco is the biggest oil producer in the world with a market value of over $10 trillion.

Moreover, Tony Petrello has a big heart and is a known philanthropist towards research efforts for neurological efforts affecting children. Together with his wife Cynthia, they have donated more than $7 million towards Texas Children’s Hospital’s Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute. This follows their developmental disability of their daughter who has cerebral palsy. They hope science and research can avail a hope through treatment methods for parents with such kids including their own.

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Ricardo Tosto Legal Options

Ricardo Tosto owns a successful legal practice in Brazil. His business has improved drastically in recent years. With the high economic growth in Brazil, many people are excited about the future. One of the reasons that Ricardo Tosto is so successful is that he is willing to take financial risks during his career. He firmly believes that he can make a positive impact on the world through his services. As a result of his hard work, he recently won an award for his knowledge of commercial litigation. Ricardo Tosto is one of the leading experts on commercial litigation and credit restoration in the entire world.


Ricardo Tosto did not come from a wealthy family. He knew that he wanted to become a lawyer, but law school was expensive. He got accepted to Mackenzie College and worked many jobs to pay the bills. Although his schedule was busy, he never thought about quitting. When he graduated, he started working at a legal firm in his city. At this legal firm, he learned valuable lessons about interacting with customers and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Written Work

Ricardo Tosto co-authored a book about credit restoration. The book is not an exciting read, but it is very informative for people who struggle in this area. Many people are worried about improving their credit score for the future.

Ricardo Tosto is also an avid newspaper writer. He wants to inform the public of legal events as much as possible. Anyone who wants to use Ricardo Tosto’s services has to use his website to schedule an appointment. He is always willing to meet with people and to offer legal advice. His commitment to customer service is one of the reasons that he is so successful at his company.

The Unique Achievement Of Tony Petrello

Not so many people in the corporate executive world will have the fascinating story that Tony Petrello has. In the beginning, he grew up in Newark, New Jersey in an environment that was a working-class one, to the time he started running the land based drilling company that was largest in the world. Tony Petrello was also involved with the research that was being carried out by the global neurological disease that he did by giving them fund worth hundreds of millions. From the time the career path of Petrello started, it is filled with one success after another and turns of fate.

In saying that the career path of tony has been one of great success is an understatement. In 2015, he was among the CEOs in the US that were highly compensated due to the fact of the tenure as he worked at the global oil company as the CEO. The success the Tony got extended far not only the achievement that he had achieved at Nabors, that has been the reason why he is successful today. The things that have led to the success that he has met today is that Tony Petrello has skills like creative thinking, hard work, that has been the roots of the successful career that he has.

Before him joining Nabors, he started his career at Baker and McKenzie in 1979, a significant law firm that was based in America. In the firm, his specialization was taxation, business law, and arbitration. He was working with one client called Company Nabors industry. With each client that he worked with he made sure that he created a lasting impression, and he did that with Nabors too. Dues to the impression that he made to the company it didn’t go unnoticed and that’s what leads to the position that he got in the firm. It was in the firm that he realized that there was an intersection between law and finances in a way that was thrilling and fascinating which gained his interest.

The manager of Nabors got so impressed with that services that they got from Tony, and they started to make moves to hire him for themselves. Soon it paid off because Tony joined Nabors to offer his services as the executive. In 1986 he left the firm to go at New York division where he was the managing partner of Nabors. He provided his services in that role for a while after fate leads him to another path.

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Fortress Investment Group Is Acquired by Softbank Group, but the Management is retained

Over the past few years, mergers and acquisitions have become rampant with the sole intention of expanding the business portfolio. In other cases, a business resorts to this model of transaction in order to venture into a complex project that it would otherwise not accomplish on its own. As illustrated by Softbank Group’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, mergers promote increased abilities in an organization.

Details of the Merger

First announced in early 2018, Softbank Group Corp said that it completed the initially announced proposal for the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. Following the finalization of the transaction, it will now own the entire company inclusive of its affiliates and shares. This completion follows years of assessment and evaluation by both teams with the sole intention of ensuring that Fortress Investment Group meets all the conditions of the deal including the approval of its management in addition to the receipts of all regulatory approvals.

A Break Down of the Acquisition

Fortress is moving its shares to Softbank Group effective immediately. The result of this acquisition is having a team of officials to manage the new project that Softbank Group is taking up. Besides, the merger proceeds to distribute the payment procedures that have been outlined by Fortress Investment Group. Over and above, the entire managerial team is moving to Softbank Group.

The Management

Even with the acquisition, the co-principals of Fortress Investment Group will still hold their positions. The bank will also operate as an independent firm under the umbrella of Softbank Group. For example, Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, as well as Wes Edens, maintain their positions because they shall oversee the management of the firm in the new house. Other factors that have since remained constant after the acquisition include the business model, personnel, leadership and the culture of the firm.

Who is Fortress Investment Group

For years, Fortress Investment Group has crafted its ability to provide high-end financial services for clients. Established in 1998, by conjoined efforts of like-minded individuals, the company is a leading as well as a highly diversified investment firm in charge of $36.1 billion assets. Moreover, the company manages assets on behalf of clients. As of early 2018, the client base was at 1,750 people with the majority being novice investors. Besides that, Fortress Investment Group has cemented its name across the following units;

  • Real estate
  • Private equity management
  • Investment strategies
  • Credit management

Working for Fortress Investment Group

There is no doubt that a happy workplace attracts competent employees by helping them to work on achieving major goals. At Fortress Investment Group, this is a major aspect that has contributed to harmony and the growth of businesses. Fortress Investment Group has for years streamlined its operations alongside the assistance of a happy team of workers who dedicate their time and expertise to growing the business.

The Overview

Fortress Investment Group remains at its peak in service delivery. Even with the acquisition, its ability to deliver unparalleled services has not been compromised.

Talos Energy Acquires a Big Competitor

Talos Energy is sure one of the biggest names in offshore exploration and production. It is an oil and gas company based in Houston, Texas. For several years, Talos Energy has dominated both Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast and the regions around them. Apart from exploitation and exploration, the company is also into asset optimization.

One of the reasons for the success of the company is that its management team is filled with highly experienced individuals that have cognate experience of several decades. Apart from the expertise of the management and technical teams of this company, it is also important to mention the fact that Talos Energy makes use of the very best equipment and technology. Once any new technology or equipment emerges, Talos Energy will be one of the first to acquire it.

Due to their success, Talos Energy is set to acquire Stone Energy, another big name in the oil and gas industry. When you look at the modalities, you will understand that it is more of a merger than acquisition. It is just that Talos Energy will have more shares. The merger of the two companies will be Talos Energy Inc. According to a reliable source, the deal will cost Talos Energy an estimated $1.9 billion. It has also been disclosed that the merger will trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

The merger is one of the biggest mergers and it is anxiously awaited within the oil and gas industry and beyond. This merger means that their financial resources will be merged together as well as their team of management. In other words, the new company that will emerge from the merger will be bigger, stronger, more credible, more popular and more successful.

According to the same source, Talos Energy has 63 percent of the merger while Stone Energy has the remaining 37 percent. So it will be shared among the shareholders of both companies. Since Talos has the larger share, its current CEO will be retained as the CEO of the new company.

The board of the new company will have just 10 members and 6 of them will be from Talos Energy while the remaining 4 will be from Stone Energy. Several other decisions are being taken as the merger is perfected.

The Headquarter of Talos Energy in Houston will be the Headquarter of the merger. Meanwhile, Stone Energy’s office in Lafayette will be one of the branch offices of the new company. From all indications, the merger will be concluded by or before the end of second quarter next year.

Katie Porter And ECU Give Dems A Shot In CA-45

At the core of End Citizens United’s message is the idea of justice and fairness in the political system, and at the core of Congressional Candidate Katie Porter’s life mission and platform is the same set of ideals. As a consumer advocate and professor, Katie Porter knows as well as anyone how destructive influx of money has been to our elections — and as progressive candidates around the country gear up to deliver the purported Blue Wave in 2018, it’s going to be candidates like Porter flipping Republican held seats that will make the difference.

Right now, California’s 45th Congressional District has a Republican representative, but it is also a district that turned out in huge numbers for Hillary Clinton (she won 49.8% of the vote to Trump’s 44%) and are huge supporters of Kamala Harris (who won the district with 66% of the vote). Well, Katie Porter not only has the endorsement of Senator Kamala Harris, but also the backing of End Citizens United who have led the way in delivering upsets for Democrats across the country. While Porter’s opponent has been a benefactor of dark money into her campaign coffers since she entered the political arena, Porter herself understands that politicians should be listening to the wills of the working class — NOT corporate PACs who try and buy elections.

In fact, it’s not just End Citizens United and Kamala Harris who are rushing to support Porter’s candidacy — Senator Elizabeth Warren sent her endorsement all the way across the country because she understands that Porter is steadfastly focused on protecting rights of everyday Americans. By all indications, this is promising to be a great year for Democrats and if candidates like Katie Porter continue to be nominated then chances are they will be giving Republicans fits and flipping seats all across the country.

Without a doubt, the support of End Citizens United (a group founded in March of 2015 to get money out of politics) will provide a massive boost to Porter’s campaign. As political observers around the country impatiently wait for the arrival of the Blue Wave, groups like End Citizens United and candidates like Katie Porter are hard at work doing the grassroots work necessary to flip both houses of Congress back under Democratic control. California as a whole is as blue as its ever been, and with an exciting candidate like Katie Porter in the 45th District it seems like it is really only a matter of months before that seat is flipped as well.

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