The Story Of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar studied at the Syracuse University where he majored in Speech Communication. He has an incredible life that has made him the President of TDL Global Ventures today. He is leading a team of market professionals having a plethora of happily satisfied clients.

After his graduation, Todd Lubar did his first job at the Crestar Mortage Corporation. This was from 1995 to 1999. Then he started working at the Legacy Financial group which is based in the city of Arlington, Texas. Todd Lubar helped to grow the Maryland office by generating several hundred million each year in terms of loan volume. He was with them till 2005 when he moved on to become the Senior Vice President in Charter Funding. Visit Medium for more info.

This is how Todd Lubar got into mortgage banking. He also owns several companies that are in the demolition industry. He has some companies in the nightclub industry as well as in the recycling business. Todd Lubar is in the real estate business too. Presently he is helping those in need as the President of TDL Ventures.

He has over 20 years of experience in the credit and finance industry. His passion lies in helping those who are in need. He assists them so that they can fulfill their ambitions and dreams. His success lies in helping people by removing their obstacles in the way of getting approval for getting loans. This is why Todd Lubar came up with a program as well as a product for consumers to give them relief.

He makes money through the will of people who wish to accomplish their goals. He helps those who are ready to go after what they want from life. His expertise in finance along with the real estate helps him to find such peoples. This is why he is able to find profits no matter which business he supports. He is working at TDL Venture through banking as well as the mortgage.

Todd Lubar had to work hard in order to become a profitable businessman. He has kept the momentum going since then for his companies as well as for him!


Eric Pulier: A Born Entrepreneur, Generous Philanthropist, and Author

Eric Pulier is a personality who wonders everyone around him with his innate skills that he showcased from childhood. He is a born entrepreneur, committed philanthropist, author, public speaker, columnist, and amazing technologist. Pulier is credited with many tech startups that introduced some innovative technology products to the industry. He started showing his interests to tech skills when he was at fourth-grade and started programming computers. Before completing his high school education, Pulier founded his first tech startup – a database firm.



In later days of his entrepreneurial career, he established XPrize, a company which is pushing people to put their fullest potential to achieve what they dreamt, in return, the firm incentivizes them by prizes, assistance programs, and more. Akana is another great startup by him, and it is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) software program vendor founded in 2001. Pulier followed an aggressive strategy of acquiring many SOA providers in the later years. He sold them firm finally to Rogue Wave Software in 2016 after making it as a compelling in SOA solutions vendor. Pulier is also the founder of many other startups including Media Platform, Desktone, People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, and more.



He is also an influential personality in terms of philanthropy as he is a contributor to many non-profit organizations. His XPrize Foundations is a major driver in charitable works which are focused on shaping the skills of people. Pulier is also on the boards of The Painted Turtle, a camp set up for children with chronic illness. He supplies both money and time for the non-profit as he also serves as the VP of cloud operations of it. Pulier also collaborated with Starbright World Foundation, which is offering technology, entertainment, and education to the critically ill children. He helped the foundation to set up Starbright World, a social media platform to connect chronically diseased teenagers.



With his in-depth knowledge of SOA, Eric Pulier wrote a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA. He was also a columnist for Forbes. Eric completed his graduation in American literature and English from Harvard University before starting his entrepreneurial career. During his Harvard days, Pulier was the editor and wrote many columns in the student newspaper of the University called The Harvard Crimson.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is the Place to Get Your Used BMW

There are many advantages to buying a used BMW over a new one. First off, you will end up with a much lower price tag and you’ll lose a lot less due to depreciation. You can also avoid the hefty sales taxes that normally come with buying a new car. By buying a used BMW, chances are that you will even score a customized ride without having to foot the bill for all that customization-someone else already has. It’s just the best deal.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is committed to providing great customer service and Beverly Hills Auto Group is the place to be when you need a used BMW. Beverly Hills Auto Group offers a wide variety of luxury used vehicle like BMWs and they will help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Beverly Hills Auto Group is experienced and professional and don’t resort to pushy sales tactics.

Antony Petrello and his Wife Cynthia journery to find treatment for their daughter.

Antony Petrello is the Chief Executive and Chairman of the board at Nabors Industries Canada. Apart from being a great entrepreneur, Antony is a family man married to one wife, Cynthia. It hasn’t been easy to balance family life and career but for Anthony, his family has always been his priority and his source of support. Antony and Cynthia were blessed with an adorable baby girl eight years ago, Carena. She was born prematurely at 24 weeks weighing 20 ounces, and she was diagnosed with a neurological disease that is commonly caused by lack of oxygen or blood flow to the brain known as Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Carena is a beautiful, unique child and since her birth, her parents Antony and Cynthia have been devoting their time and resources to look for a solution to their daughter’s condition. Carena developed cerebral palsy that causes a delay in her development something that her parents believed has a cure, and thus they have been looking for answers and hoping that one day their little princess will get better.

Tony and Cynthia have been through this journey for eight years now; they have investigated several pediatric research institutions all over the country in search for a cure for Carena. After a long search for their daughters help in vain, Antony Petrello concluded that if there are places that focus on brain focus for adults, and yet there is none for children then there is a need for translational research on a large scale.

In Texas Children’s Hospital, Tony and Cynthia found the opportunity to make sure that Carena and all other children like her get the chance to reach their full potential. They donated $5 million (with a total commitment of $7 million), and an outstanding personal commitment to lead fundraising efforts as their dedication to bringing this first-of-its-kind research initiative to life. They are also working with Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute in search for their daughter’s treatment.

Bruce Bent II: Money Market Fund

A money market mutual fund is also known as a money market fund. This is one of the most common open-ended mutual funds that are invested in the short-term debt securities such as the commercial paper and United States Treasury bills. For the fund, its main aim is to provide hedge between investment and profit as instituted in its guidelines. In 1970, the money market mutual fund was created as one of the most sophisticated business capabilities in the industry. For this reason, its adoption in the world of business and finance has been on a massive scale. Since its inception in the country, it is now worth more than $3.0 trillion.

The money market mutual funds are also regarded as the safest way of investment because they have minimal risks associated with them. In this case, you might consider using your investment banking funds to develop fast income in a way that has no facilitation in the industry. Because they are intended to provide the highest benefits in the market, its adoption is on a massive scale. They are the most important part of the business because they offer liquidity in the financial intermediaries. They are also regulated as the beneficial part of the United States and their investment methodology.

Money market mutual funds seek to minimize losses due to the market, credit, and liquidity risks associated with financial investments. These funds are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. They are also gained through maturity and diversity after investment. Under the United States investment act, a money market mutual fund has the capability to purchase the highest credit debt. This action will help you mature the investment fund within 13 months of purchase. The portfolio must also maintain an average maturity weight of more than 12 percent.

Unlike most of the United States financial instruments, the money market mutual fund seeks to maintain a stable value of $1 per share. For the investors, they can divide the funds as they wish after investment. The purchase agreements, commercial papers, and short-term bonds form the money used to invest in this business.

Bruce Bent II understands the workings of the financial sector and money market funds. He is a great thinker and entreprenuer of his time. Currently he holds the positions of Vice Chairman of the board and President at Double Rock Corporation.

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MB2 Dental Solutions: Dr. Chris Villanueva’s Solution For Dentists

Founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, MB2 Dental Solutions is a medical practice for dentists by dentists. MB2 Dental Solutions was established for the sole purpose of offering dentists a way to practice what they love without having to do all the other jobs of running a clinic, the company. When Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva passed out of dental school, he was faced with a situation that most medical practitioners are faced with. The idea of having one’s practice is something that a lot of doctors aim for, but few end up doing it because of all the extra work that a dentist has to do. Running one’s clinic means taking care of literally everything at the clinic, which is why a few doctors opt to go for the different approach and work at big corporations or hospitals. However, the larger the company, the more money minded they end up being, and hence the focus of these kinds of organizations shifts from treating patients efficiently, to earning more money.


Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva wanted to have the best of both worlds. But with very few options out there for him to pick and be satisfied with, he decided it was time to take matters into his hands. He, therefore, decided to establish an organization that took care of all the tasks at the private clinic, while the dentists tend to his or her patients. MB2 Dental Solutions was received extremely well by the dental field, with numerous doctors yearning to be part of such a revolutionary company.


With a set goal in mind, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva set up two schemes which dentists all over the country could opt for. The first one entailed dentists joining MB2 Dental Solutions at any of the clinics that they organization has. This is especially useful for doctors who are just passing out of med school and are looking for a good place to set up a successful practice. The second option is for people who already have their practice, but want to develop it further. This gives them the opportunity to tie up with MB2, allowing them to take charge of the administrative side of the practice. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva’s primary goal was to give doctors all over a solution and have MB2 appeal to everyone, no matter if they are new to the profession, or have been in this for an extended period of time.





Duda Melzer, Taking on Great Challenges

Duda Sirotsky Melzer is a well-accomplished business leader in Brazil. His specialty of communications and media are the background of not only himself but his family as well. Duda’s recognition as a leader is recognized by his recent promotion to CEO of his family’s media business RBS Group. According to Acaert, he also started e.Bricks Digital in 2012 to assist startups in the field of digital media. The company has since funded over 300 million to businesses through venture capital and private equity projects. Duda Melzer has also invested in the largest wine supplier in Brazil as well as a contemporary art show in his hometown.

Duda’s success is the result of not only experience but high-quality education as well. He attended college in Brazil and received a bachelor’s degree. He branched out to earn an MBA at Harvard University. Duda Melzer is still an active part of Harvard, as he has taken professional courses pertaining to his career endeavors. He met some of the most influential people he knows at Harvard, including 2 mentors. Duda’s belief that family is the backbone of his business has been evident since his college days, as his coursework is geared toward that specialization.

Duda has received many awards as a result of his efforts. Among these awards are recognition from Ernst and Young as a leading family based business entrepreneur. Other awards include recognition from many sources for his exceptional leadership and management skills. In a report by Clicrbs, he’s also a leader and awards winner at the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

Duda Melzer is without a doubt a family man. He loves the sport of racing and has three children. His family also has a foundation designated to helping at-risk children and teens in Brazil. The company uses its advantage of being a communications company to spread the word to a lot of people. Helping those in need through projects like “love is the best inheritance,” help those in need with exceptional challenges.

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UKV PLC – Wine Collection That’s Affordable And Exquisite

UKV PLC is one of the most popular online portals for purchasing wines in the UK and the Europe. UKV PLC has one of the most extensive collections of wines, starting with low-priced wines to more expensive investment grade collectible wines. Many of the wine buyers look for wines for regular use, while many others look for wines to add to their collection of rare and collectible wines, and UKV PLC caters to all kinds of wine connoisseurs.

UKV PLC offers all kinds of wines one can ask for, starting from Burgundy to Champagne and from Italian to Spanish wines and more. There are also many different brands of expensive as well as relatively economical champagnes available at UKV PLC. The in-house wine specialists and consultants can offer a comprehensive guidance to the buyers looking to know more about the kind of wines available at UKV PLC.

The best part about the UKV PLC is that they home deliver the wines swiftly, and it is made possible because the wines they showcase at their online store are the ones they have in their inventory. Many other companies showcase a vast collection, but does not have it in their inventory and upon receiving the order source it from the source and then deliver, which is a long and frustrating process for the buyers.

UKV PLC’s headquarters are situated in Croydon, Surrey, where the customers can even visit to have a face to face consultation with the company’s wine experts. It helps the wine investors and collectors to know more about how to expand their wine collections and buy the right wines to make their wine collection more exquisite. The wine experts at UKV PLC have years of experience in the wine business and can provide expert consultation that is surely going to be helpful for the wine lovers.

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How Hard Work Paid Off for EOS

EOS lip balm is a product that you might own, like many other women. After all, it is now the second top-selling lip balm on the market, beating Chapstick, the lip balm champ for more than 100 years. It’s quiet amazing to hear the EOS story, and how they quickly changed the beauty care industry, but it’s an inspiring story that can help you learn anything is possible when you strive for success.

EOS is short for Evolution of Smooth. This company began selling their lip balm just seven years ago, after getting their start at a Walgreens pharmacy, followed by Walmart , then Target. The brand had big dreams, and great concepts, and when those were put together, the cool, trendy, and awesome lip balm improved until it became a common household product.

EOS listened to the people. Chapstick hadn’t made any changes in the 100-years they’d been around, and frankly, women were tired of the limited choices and the boring balm. Women wanted a lip balm that was free of harmful ingredients and toxins, because Chapstick failed them in this department, too. And, they wanted flavors and trend; a product that would enhance their cool.

EOS designed an orb contained of flavorful lip balm that impressed women. The balm is made with natural ingredients, so it is parabens-free. And, you’ll get your choice of eight different fun flavors, like Vanilla Bean or Pomegranate Raspberry. Best of all, EOS lip balms deliver the smoothness that you want from your lip balm, at a cost that won’t send you into shock.

EOS changed the lip balm world for the better. They made great strides in the beauty care world by listening to customers, and creating the product they wanted. And, so quickly that technique paid off for the brand.

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Are You Looking for A Reliable Company for Your Advertising Needs?

José Henrique Borghi has announced that Name of Mullen Lowe Group is soon going to change into Mullen Lowe Brazil as part of the name migration to a brand new identity. In addition to this new name, Mullen Lowe, a new leadership announced as well. VP of Mullen Lowe Group promoted as co-CEO of Brazilian operation, with present CEO, José Henrique. In conjunction with this name change and change in leadership, Mullen Lowe has decided to close its Brasília office, focusing on Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo offices.

The promotion of co-CEO André Gomes expects him efficiently manage the agency’s operation and prove to the management that their destination of promoting him the right one. José focusing on innovation and creativity and André Gomes looking over operations will be an ideal combination and will help Mullen Lowe to grow with even more rapid pace.

The announcement for a change of name from MLG to Mullen Lowe made by IPG (Interpublic) on May 8, which combined the US agency Mullen and the international network Lowe and Partners to be on under the umbrella of the Mullen Lowe Group. The plan for all agencies is to migrate to this new brand, Mullen Lowe, by making Brazil as a primary main hub for MLG network.

José Henrique Borghi has become more famous in national/international advertising festivals after getting numerous national/global awards in advertisement sector. Even though in his childhood, he wasn’t involved in media and market-related things but his fate once takes him to Castro Neves Theater, and there he found out that advertisement is his cup of tea. And then he started working very hard to achieve his goal to become a top advertiser in whole Brazil, and he achieved it with his dedication, hard work and his smart approach toward his goals.

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