Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart Discuss Identity In Chainsmokers’ Future

The Chainsmokers appeared back in 2014, with the release of their first hit “#Selfie”. Although the group had formed two years prior, “#Selfie” was their intro into the mainstream. To date the EDM duo has managed to stay in the mainstream, every year offering more and more charting hits. But Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart want more than the simple life a DJ, they want to be considered as artists.

According to Taggart it is very easy in the EDM business to become a group that sounds like another group. The EDM world is rife with dozens of remixes of the same core material. The Chainsmokers endeavor to be more, which is why Pall and Taggart create their own core material. The duo is actively involved in songwriting, and since the release of their 2016 single, “Closer”, Taggart has even been providing lead vocals. All in an effort to better connect with their audience, which according to Pall is the group’s core mission. Pall believes that people relate to their music on a deep level, and he wants to enforce those lines of communication. Pall and Taggart are on a quest for identity, and for Pall it is a daily discussion about who they are, and where they are going.

Currently the duo blurs the borders of pop, indie, hip-hop, and dance, with elements of all present amidst that heavy dance backbeat. Their style has defiantly pushed the boundaries of conventional EDM. When asked why he and Taggart chose to sing in their own songs, and makes those songs relate to their own personal lives, Pall responded that no one else was so why not. For Pall it is all about trying new things and pushing boundaries, stating that it may always be different but it will always be them. In fact the pressure of creating a new album almost demands it. The principal struggle of any music group is to continue to stay relevant. Pall and Taggart see that relevance as a quest for identity. One thing is for certain, the music still makes the fans dance.