Fortress Investment Group Is Acquired by Softbank Group, but the Management is retained

Over the past few years, mergers and acquisitions have become rampant with the sole intention of expanding the business portfolio. In other cases, a business resorts to this model of transaction in order to venture into a complex project that it would otherwise not accomplish on its own. As illustrated by Softbank Group’s acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, mergers promote increased abilities in an organization.

Details of the Merger

First announced in early 2018, Softbank Group Corp said that it completed the initially announced proposal for the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. Following the finalization of the transaction, it will now own the entire company inclusive of its affiliates and shares. This completion follows years of assessment and evaluation by both teams with the sole intention of ensuring that Fortress Investment Group meets all the conditions of the deal including the approval of its management in addition to the receipts of all regulatory approvals.

A Break Down of the Acquisition

Fortress is moving its shares to Softbank Group effective immediately. The result of this acquisition is having a team of officials to manage the new project that Softbank Group is taking up. Besides, the merger proceeds to distribute the payment procedures that have been outlined by Fortress Investment Group. Over and above, the entire managerial team is moving to Softbank Group.

The Management

Even with the acquisition, the co-principals of Fortress Investment Group will still hold their positions. The bank will also operate as an independent firm under the umbrella of Softbank Group. For example, Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, as well as Wes Edens, maintain their positions because they shall oversee the management of the firm in the new house. Other factors that have since remained constant after the acquisition include the business model, personnel, leadership and the culture of the firm.

Who is Fortress Investment Group

For years, Fortress Investment Group has crafted its ability to provide high-end financial services for clients. Established in 1998, by conjoined efforts of like-minded individuals, the company is a leading as well as a highly diversified investment firm in charge of $36.1 billion assets. Moreover, the company manages assets on behalf of clients. As of early 2018, the client base was at 1,750 people with the majority being novice investors. Besides that, Fortress Investment Group has cemented its name across the following units;

  • Real estate
  • Private equity management
  • Investment strategies
  • Credit management

Working for Fortress Investment Group

There is no doubt that a happy workplace attracts competent employees by helping them to work on achieving major goals. At Fortress Investment Group, this is a major aspect that has contributed to harmony and the growth of businesses. Fortress Investment Group has for years streamlined its operations alongside the assistance of a happy team of workers who dedicate their time and expertise to growing the business.

The Overview

Fortress Investment Group remains at its peak in service delivery. Even with the acquisition, its ability to deliver unparalleled services has not been compromised.