Whitney Wolfe: Living Free Among The Power Hungry

People are more power hungry than ever. There are tons of people that are looking for someone who they see as vulnerable to take and control. These types of people who are looked at as vulnerable tend to be women. They are often targeted by people who want to be dictators and puppet masters. Whitney Wolfe herself has dealt with the power hungry, and she is currently fighting off the advances of a power hungry Match Group. One of the reasons that she is fighting for her freedom is that she has set up a business not just for her own enjoyment, but for the lives of other women who often have to deal with oppression.

Bumble is Whitney Wolfe letting the establishment know that she is not going to just sit down and silently take abuse. With her extensions, she is sending a message to women and men. This message is that misogynists can try all they want, but they are not going to keep women down. Some of the power hungry are doing everything they can to get in Whitney Wolfe’s way. However, she has already done a lot for the community. One thing that she has done is start businesses with the sole purpose of getting involved in philanthropic activities.

One of the best things that Whitney Wolfe has done was gain experience from her business ventures. With her different businesses, she has learned how the market works. She has also learned how to reach out to the customers and move them to take action. She has also learned how to make her passion for helping others the basis for Fashion business. With Bumble, women are able to feel empowered to take on their lives in a way that leaves them feeling satisfied. While Whitney Wolfe has made a lot of progress, this fight is only beginning, and there is going to be a lot of resistance.

About Whitney Wolfe: www.instagram.com/whitwolfeherd/?hl=en