The Man Behind OSI Group: David McDonald

Every successful company has a president behind it, and for OSI Group, that person is David McDonald. Typically when we visit the grocery store, most of us don’t stop to think of where this food really came from. Although if you ever did stop to research it, you’d most likely come across OSI Group at some point. They are one of the worlds largest food production companies in the world.

At the top of OSI Group sits their president, David McDonald. He has been with the company over over three decades, and has played a vital role in the exponential growth that OSI Group has seen in the past few years. David continues to focus on his primary goal after all this time, which is to deliver more to customers than any other provider out there. David has been able to accomplish this with the help of many partners at various different OSI Group locations. By creating these successful partnerships, he is able to capitalize on each of the partners individual strengths, and their knowledge of their respective areas. Because of this, and other key components in OSI Group’s vision, David McDonald has never doubted that OSI will be successful, and continue to find success in the companies future.

The company has recently taken huge international steps as well, branching out into various countries in Europe, and even China. David is confident that they have found huge success in doing this, because they completely immerse themselves in the culture of these locations. To truly be able to comprehend the needs of the customers in that area, he feels that you need understand the area and the people, to really gain their trust. While David has said that some of his toughest challenges are dealing with infrastructure and technical issues in China, he also says that one of his most satisfying moments was establishing the new facility they have in China. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe. Again, he says this new facility, is the result of the understanding that David, and OSI Group have about the exciting local culture in China.

As for the future of OSI Group, David McDonald plans to continue to do everything in his power to bring only the highest value to the clients and customers. He plans to stay innovative, and he has proven before, he will continue to change and adapt to any changes in the business environment, and adjust according to their customer’s needs. It’s clear that with David’s vision, and OSI Groups reputation, they can only go higher and further from here.

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